Three layers of chocolate heaven

This tempting dessert takes very little time to cook and is fit for any occasion.

Yousuf Bawany December 03, 2011
There are some culinary combinations that gel together nicely and this recipe explores one such combination -cake - instant jelly and custard. 

This is a simple yet amazingly tempting dessert that’s ideal for any special occasion. The best part is that it requires very little cooking time. Also, nothing is set in stone here so feel free to experiment with different flavours and combinations.


  • Chocolate/marble cake

  • Swiss rolls (I prefer chocolate but you can use any flavour)

  • Vanilla-flavoured custard powder (again, you can have any flavour you like)

  • Milk

  • Sugar

  • Instant jelly (cherry or strawberry – because it adds a little colour to your dessert)

  • Fresh fruits (bananas and apples go well with this dessert but feel free to experiment)

  • Melted chocolate (for chocolate cream and topping)


  • Cut your fruit into small chunks and spread them evenly along the base of your serving dish.

  • Cook the instant jelly and pour it over the fruit

  • Put the serving dish into the freezer to cool

  • Make some custard using the custard powder, milk, and sugar – the consistency of this should be thin (but slightly thicker than what you’d call ‘watery’)

  • Take half of the hot custard and mix in some melted chocolate; this will be your chocolate cream

  • Let the chocolate cream cool down in the refrigerator

  • Remove the serving dish from the freezer; make sure the jelly is set properly

  • Cut the Swiss rolls into thin slices and place them along the sides of the serving dish

  • Remove the cooled chocolate cream and pour it into the centre of the dish; spread it evenly so that it covers the entire dish

  • Cut your marble/chocolate cake into chunks and spread it over the chocolate cream layer

  • Now pour the remaining hot vanilla cream custard over the cake chunks; as the consistency is thin, the cake should be able to soak in the cream nicely

  • Put the serving dish immediately into the refrigerator

  • After one hour, top off with some melted chocolate

Serve chilled! This recipe yields a dessert that has a unique texture and feels really good in your mouth. I hope you enjoy it.

Note: As the recipe is fairly straight-forward, I have taken the liberty to leave out the exact quantities. The idea here is to demonstrate the layering of the dessert and the soaking of the cakes.

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Yousuf Bawany | 12 years ago | Reply Dear Readers! Thank you for the appreciation. @OhLaLa: The only things that you need to actually cook here are the jelly, the vanilla custard and the chocolate custard. The recipes on their respective boxes are pretty accurate and vary from one brand of jelly/custard to the other. That was the only reason I decided to stay away from the specifics. Cheers, Yousuf p.s. I'm a quantity-freak too, :D
Amna | 12 years ago | Reply your blogs are the best on ET hands down!!!
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