My school in Badin

Every day, Shaukat and his 72 classmates wade through filthy stagnant rainwater, laughing through their struggle.

Mahawish Rezvi November 29, 2011
Four months after torrential rains hit rural Sindh, the people of Badin are still trying to rebuild their lives. Shaukat is a fourth grader at Kehar Khan Lund primary school in Badin. This video shows  his journey to school every morning - a school surrounded by stagnant rain water.

Every day, Shaukat and his seventy-two classmates wade through filthy stagnant rainwater, smiling, even laughing at their struggle. However, their teacher says with no help, little can be done to keep the school functional. Even though Shaukat is fond of learning and says that his favourite subject is poetry, he will be attending school after a one month gap. His house is a mere half  kilometre away, yet due to the heavy flooding, the school has been inaccessible.

As unlikely as this story sounds, the video shows footage of the Primary school which is the only remaining standing structure as far as the eye can see. Even here, only one room is functional, whereas the other has collapsed. The narrow path leading to the school is made of hay and mud, clearly exhibiting the desperation of the people pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. With vast stretches of water still standing and winter approaching swiftly, the people of Badin are in need of urgent help.
Mahawish Rezvi
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