Puss in boots: A kitty with claws

The theatre was rarely silent as Puss in Boots provided hearty entertainment.

Tooba Masood November 18, 2011
If you liked Shrek, you're going to love Puss in Boots. This is the story about the orange tabby cat, first introduced in Shrek 2, another cat, and an egg. It delves in to the exciting life of Puss before he met the green ogre and Donkey.

Watching Puss in Boots made me realise three things:

1) Cats are funny

2) Self-obsessed Spanish cats in high-heeled musketeer boots are even funnier

3) Vain Spanish cats voiced by a husky Antonio Banderas are flat-out hilarious.

The movie starts with Puss escaping a bounty hunter. He learns that the magic beans he has been searching for are with two old blood-thirsty, piglet-loving outlaws, Jack (Billy Bob Thornton) and Jill - no, they did not go up the hill for water. He comes to this realisation after befriending Humpty Alexander Dumpty (Zach Galifianakis) at an orphanage in a small town in South America.

Puss is unable to steal the beans from the outlaws and is forced to join hands with Kitty Softpaws (Salma Hayek) and his ex-best friend Humpty (he did have a great fall). Once they manage to get the beans, Humpty and Puss plant them and wait for the beanstalk to grow. The beanstalk takes the three of them up to the giant's castle where they manage to sneak inside and grab a magic goose that lays golden eggs.

Humpty's outfit - a golden Lycra jumpsuit - had the theatre in giggles as he squeaked and swished forward. The chemistry between Puss and Kitty Softpaws was quite adorable, and they made a good team despite her relentless teasing about his boots.
"That's a lot of heel for a guy, don't you think?"

Once the cats reach the ground level, the drama starts. Turns out Humpty, was a rotten egg and had set Puss up for revenge! Puss had been on the run ever since. After a lot of soul-searching, arrests, eggs, and egg jokes, Humpty and Puss make their peace.

Over all, I enjoyed the movie. The animation was good, the action was thrilling and there were a lot of laughs. The theatre was rarely silent as Puss in Boots provided hearty entertainment.

Puss in Boots was directed by Chris Miller (he also directed Shrek the third) and was written by Tom Wheeler, based on a story by Brian Lynch, Will Davies and Wheeler. The movie is rated PG.

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