Six and the City leaves Manchester blue

The new football comedy is 'Six and the City', the 6 - 1 thrashing that MU FC received at the hands of MCFC.

Aquib Mohammad October 26, 2011
'Six and the City' is the new comedy drama every footballing nation is talking about since last Sunday. I'm not referring to the hit TV series - this is far more serious. It is the new tag line for the football fixture held this  Sunday between the two bitter rivals Manchester United Football Club (MUFC) and Manchester City Football Club (MCFC) in England.

'Six and the City' refers to the 6-1 thrashing that Manchester United FC received at the hands of Manchester City FC.

Manchester United has given Manchester City a torrid time over the years, and must I say that Manchester City have been very unlucky in a number of fixtures (usually due to their own mistakes and a few due to the referee decisions). However, they were found short of talent in most cases. Sadly, MUFC has not been the same force since the departure of Portugal winger Cristiano Ronaldo who was sold for £80million to Real Madrid.

MUFC followers may disagree at the impact this costly departure of Cristiano Ronaldo has had, but the consequences, indeed, have been dire. An MUFC fan may argue that they actually have managed to win a league title without Cristiano Ronaldo, but I would say they only just made it. The point is they haven't brought in any  player as charismatic as Cristiano Ronaldo and no player is doing the  job that he had been doing for them. It is true that they have been linked with Wesley Sneijder who could have controlled the game and threatened the opposition as an individual and as a team player like their former No. 7  used to, but no serious efforts have been made to land him to the Old Trafford (MUFC Football Stadium).

In September 2008 Manchester City FC was sold to Sheikh Mansour and Khaldoon Al Mubarak. They have been building their squad since then and have bought players like David Silva, Mario Balotelli, Carlos Tevez, Edin Dzeko and Sergio Aguero to strengthen their squad. Their approximate expenditure on transfers has been over £300m.

They had to spend this sizable chunk of money to defeat Manchester United FC and claim 'Manchester is blue'. But they way they achieved this victory is shameful for Manchester United. It's more of a humiliating defeat for MUFC as they have always proudly claimed that Manchester is red. The ugly truth is that MUFC were simply hammered by Roberto Mancini's  men, 6-1, on their home ground (Old Trafford Football Stadium).

The magnitude of this victory can be gauged by City defender Micah Richards' words:
“To come here and win 6-1 is unbelievable. People called us the noisy neighbours and here we are. This victory is what dreams are made of.”

After the match, Joe Hart; MCFC Goal Keeper said:
"It was as good as it looked. The fans felt amazing, the lads felt amazing. There was a real feel-good vibe. It’s magnificent football we have been playing all year. We have got top-quality players and we have proved that."

He went on to add:
"United were bleeding when they had a man sent off and we went in for the kill."

United’s midfielder Darren Fletcher (the only goalscorer during the derby game for MUFC) admitted it would be tough to  recover from such an annihilation. He stated:
"We realize how much stick and banter there’ll be for our fans. We have to live in the city too so we to have to deal with it. It doesn't mean the league is over. We must  respond and win our next game".

Despite Fletcher's positivity, I must reiterate that Manchester may remain blue for years to come if the red devils don't start taking City seriously. Manchester City have proved that they have arrived and they are here to stay. A 6 to 1 annihilation says this loud and clear. Aside from their visit to Etihad Stadium, MUFC might also have to face them in the UEFA Champions League. MUFC's defeat certainly is an eye opener for all the clubs eyeing the English Premier League title and UEFA Championship, as there is a new fish in town. Sir Alex's role as a motivator is now essential for MUFC players in order to propel them back on to a winning track.
Aquib Mohammad A self-employed businessman who enjoys football.
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Owais Raza | 12 years ago | Reply 6-1.. is the kind of a result that shakes the premier league to its foundations... @john: probably tribune is encouraging youth to blog/write... nothing wrong in it.. practice makes perfect.. though editors may proofread.
john | 12 years ago | Reply Another below standard article. I can point many grammatical mistakes. Why is tribune publishing such low standard articles? Why are the editors not doing their jobs up to the standards?
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