Edhi: "I'm not God, just a humanist"

Edhi angers when people treat him like a god and he clearly states that he is a humanist who will protect the poor.

Ali Kapadia October 20, 2011
This video shows a discussion with the philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi. The viewer is shown an ordinary day in his life and taken in to his office. One observes the incredibly humble life-style lived by this humanist. 

Edhi states humanity is the essence of all religions. The Holy Quran, too, he says teaches Muslims to feel for other human beings. However, it is a trait that most people have forgotten. He is critical of Muslims in Pakistan and states that he has yet to come across a single true Muslim in his entire life. Capitalists, according to him, indulge in the practices of tax and Zakat theft; they are not helping the needy. Edhi states that his work is primarily for the poor as the rich do not need him.

One is shown the tireless work done by Edhi. Despite being sick, he comes in to work and states that what he does makes him happy and he does not tire of it. People look up to him to such an extent that some come to him to cure their ailing loved ones. This angers Edhi, who clearly states that he is not God, he is just a humanist.

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