The life of an abused woman

When she divorced her husband and moved to Panah Shelter, Allahrakhi's brother and uncle set out to murder her.

Gawaahi October 14, 2011
In this video a young woman by the name of Allahrakhi, from the Panah Shelter in Karachi, Pakistan, is interviewed. For her entire life, Allahrakhi has known nothing but sadness and misery. Orphaned as a very young child, her uncle took her and her siblings in, only to deprive them of their father's wealth and make them bonded labour.

On getting married, Allahrakhi was again subjected to abuse; she was beaten often and severely by her husband. Her sister-in-laws-, too were cruel. They did not allow her new clothes or food, and kept poisoning her husband against her . Later, when her child was born, she was thrown out of her husband's house, and was forced to live between the houses of her uncle and siblings.

Allahrakhi has now taken refuge at Panah Shelter and because she is a divorced woman, her brother wants to kill her. Her uncle too, has threatened to murder her if she does not marry his alcoholic son. All Allahrakhi wants is to work hard and to raise her son.

This video was recorded as part of the pilot activity conducted by the Gawaahi NGO team.  Amina Agha, Naveen Naqvi and Ishma Alvi were participants. It was was produced, shot and edited by Naveen Naqvi.

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yousaf | 12 years ago | Reply @Sana Javed:-Sex in animals is such a strong instinct that education or ignorance/knowledge can not at all subdue it.If we consider such acts as mentioned in the article to be undesirable we will have to look somewhere else for causes to see why these happen in our society.One reason that I think is the cause that we live in a semi-civilized society where we have discarded most of our time tested social values to adopt borrowed cusoms and traditions of so called developed societies without realising that they have taken centuries to be what they are today,all this has made us "Aadha teeter aadha batair"the recent "flash-flood" of internet has put further fuel on the already burning fire of desire,moreover absence of effective law enforcement has too aggravated the whole situation
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