10 reasons why Vampire Diaries is way better than Twilight

Stefan and Damon are so much hotter than Edward - and Elena has a brain, unlike Bella.

Ghazal Ullah October 14, 2011
After I finished reading the Twilight Saga I swore to myself that never again would I indulge in another vampire romance story. My oath remained unbroken for the next few months, until that one memorable day when my friend and I were on the way home from school.
“Oh guess what!” she said excitedly. “I started watching Vampire Diaries and, oh my God, the guys are so hot. You have to watch it.”


The next thing I knew I was sitting in front of the computer, about to click play on the first episode of the first season of Vampire Diaries. I’m not the only girl my age to be persuaded into watching a show just because the actors are good looking, so don’t judge me.

For the first few episodes I couldn’t help wondering what I’d gotten myself into. While Stefan and Damon Salvatore may be incredibly handsome, this show was just like Twilight; the normal human girl, the love-struck vampire and the 'other' guy. The thing I hated most about Twilight was the twisted love triangle - it’s always the same. The girl and boy are happily in love, a 'bad boy' comes along, the two share a few kisses and the girl gets confused as to who she actually loves, hurting both boys. The girl in question also always has to be helpless and in need of constant protection.

However I soon realized that Vampire Diaries was nothing like I was used to.

The more I watched, the more addicted I became. So for everyone who, like me, hates Twilight here are 10 reasons why you will love Vampire Diaries:

  1. The vampires and werewolves in Vampire Diaries follow the actual rules of the myth: vampires get burned by the sun and werewolves can only turn at the full moon.

  2. The female protagonist, Elena (Nina Dobrev), is extremely capable of making her own decisions in order to protect her family and friends. She’s also reasonably intelligent, unlike Bella from Twilight.

  3. Elena is sure that she loves no one but Stefan and remains faithful…at least until the latest season. The same can hardly be said of Bella who veers from vampire to wolf, then back again (played up even more in the film version).

  4. The two sides of Nina Dobrev- Elena and Katherine (her doppelganger ancestor)  are very entertaining to watch and most fans cannot decide who they like more out of the two. It adds depth and dimension to Elena's character.

  5. Damon (Ian Somerhalder) keeps his distance from Elena out of consideration for his brother, resulting in a very awkward, but interesting, love triangle. On the flip side, Jacob's interest in Bella is unrelenting and childish, making Bella's choice of Edward over him far too easy to make.

  6. The plot keeps twisting and turning, with new action always appearing. The heartbeats of the viewers never slow down.

  7. New characters are constantly introduced, which is necessary for any series to progress, but in Vampire Diaries, most of the new-comers end up dead.

  8. Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder are so much hotter than Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner.

  9.  The story-line and the action of Vampire Diaries are different. It brings out a variety of emotions in the viewers. I significantly remember crying more than once while watching the show.

  10. The plot of Vampire Diaries is a lot more complex; it is multi-dimensional and speaks of many different stories rather than the typical Bella and Edward one in Twilight.

I think I have made my point loud and clear: Vampire Diaries wins any day and any time over the Twilight Saga. If you are interested in the new, emerging trend of Vampires, Vampire Diaries will have you hooked and on the edge of your seat.
Ghazal Ullah A student at the Karachi Grammar School in the 11th grade, Ghazal is interning at The Express Tribune. She enjoys reading and writing.
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MM | 12 years ago | Reply Wow,thats very true and anyone knows that vampire diaries is better than a totally predictable show,but these are terrific points to make it more obvious!-mm
Sarah B. Haider | 12 years ago | Reply Obsession with the idiot box. Sigh
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