A Pakistani love story

Short film provides insight into the typical extra-marital affair in Pakistan.

Maheen Zia October 04, 2011
In this short film, Maheen Zia explores the dynamics of the business of love in Pakistan.

The viewer is an eavesdropper on a casual conversation between an off-screen man and woman, who are engrossed in each others's company. Through this very short clip, one gets insight in to the mentality of a typical Pakistani man.

Although the video does not betray the faces of the man and woman in question, it adequately depicts their relationship though the short conversation shown.

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Maheen Zia A journalism and mass communication graduate from Drake University, Maheen is a founding member of the KaraFilm Society and has been working as an organiser and programmer of the KaraFilm Festival since its inception in 2001. In he spare time, Maheen pursues environmental activism and is a co-founder of the Pakistan Animal Welfare Society.
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Werda Zia | 12 years ago | Reply This video does not depict the mentality of a typical pakistan man or woman. If you are so bent on destroying the integrity of the citizens then you should have included the woman mentality in your description. It sickens me that you put this video up along with the degrading description. I will only appreciate the story it conveys in such a short time without labelling it as belonging to this or that society or sex.
Nasim Ahmed | 12 years ago | Reply It is just nothing new,the world has become materialistic,and they want to get the best at the cheapest price.
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