Seven ways to score Facebook 'likes'

Ever wondered why some of your friends' statuses on Facebook get so many likes? Here's how.

Batool Ali October 01, 2011
Who doesn’t like to have loads of comments and 'likes' on their Facebook statuses, posts, photos, and so on? Don't you hate it when someone seems to get all the attention on Facebook no matter how dull their updates? Let me give you some advice to help your profile become one of those very popular ones that you so passionately envy. 

Not everyone has a sharp mind, and not everyone is witty enough to come up with hilarious thoughts that they may convert into words and update on their Facebook profiles. Of course, we all want to be one of those intellectual people who write clever things, and get numerous comments and likes. No worries, below are some ideas that will make you the most popular among your friends on Facebook.

1. Google inspiration:

Search for a very inspiring quote, copy it, paste it on your profile and update. Tada! There you go. You can be sure of a dozen likes very soon and your post will lie among the most popular ones on your friends’ newsfeed. Well, this does not assure you of many comments because most people tend to like more than comment, because either they are lazy, they cannot think up a comment, or they just don’t know what you are talking about but they would like it since everyone else has. Take advantage of that. Oh, and sometimes song lyrics work too.

2. Nervous breakdowns are fun:

Update your profile with an emotional status. Boyfriend/girlfriend problems? Your clothes not ready for a wedding that is to take place two days later? Your parlour aunty ripped off your skin while hot waxing? Or maybe just a plain scolding from a teacher. Gossip gossip! Be ready for loads of comments; people will be dying to find out the story behind your status. And it would help if you are vague about it in your replies as that would lead to more comments with your well-wishers wanting to clarify the matter.

3. Talk about a controversial topic:

This, however, will require degree of intelligence, in case you have to argue your point with the commentators. Oh wait, there is always the issue of girls being better than boys, and vice versa. That doesn’t need much thinking. Go with it if you can't think of anything else.

4. Just write anything at all...

...and wait for a comment. When you get one, simply ask the person how he/she is. When you get a reply drag it into a long conversation; talk about your school days, your families, your cousin’s husband’s aunt’s newly born and so on. Just keep going, and before you know, it your status will have become MSN Messenger. An added tip: while talking you may want to tag another friend in one of your comments in order to make him comment too. Double treat.

5. Plagiarize:

Heard someone say something really cool regarding an international event going on? Do not hesitate to post that as your own thought. I would not recommend this one though, unless you can carry it on in case there is a cooler person than you out there challenging you to a debate.

6.  Be confusing:

You know, just to ignite your friends' curiosity as to what you are talking about. They will definitely comment in order to resolve their confusion, but you can further confuse them and they will leave more comments till one of you gets tired and decides to end the confusion by simply not replying.

7. One more thing, 'like' every status on your newsfeed. Just do it! Your friends may reciprocate and you will not regret it, believe me.

Do follow these suggestions and let me know your success rates with each of them!
Batool Ali A media science student from Karachi
The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necassarily reflect the views and policies of the Express Tribune.

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