Dr Aamir Liaquat’s show continues…on Twitter

No more fluff, Dr Aamir Liaquat played hardball online: "Ok Bye Bye, O Qadiyanis! keep on burning".

Jahanzaib Haque September 06, 2011
After being hounded by a viral video controversy, it seems our esteemed Dr Aamir Liaquat has decided to take the fight against his good name online, via Twitter.

Needless to say, for some of us, this has been an eye-opening, and somewhat refreshing experience compared to the Doctor's rather lengthy TV series. Welcome to a show far removed from TV, as the brevity of Twitter updates forced the good Doctor to skip his usual elegant mannerisms.

No more fluff, Dr Aamir Liaquat played hardball online, proving that he really knows how to segment and cater to different audiences (and varying levels of accountability).

Late night he ran a one hour ‘Twitter special’ that contained such choice updates as:
AamirLiaquat I continue to hate Qadiyanis no matter how much the supporters will burn in fire of jealousy

AamirLiaquat Also it is the demand of our faith to condemn the false prophet like Mirza Ghulam Qadyani, the greatest cursed person of the entire universe

Feeling his program was perhaps veering too far, our esteemed Doctor then peddled back a step:
AamirLiaquat I am not talking about the killings of Qadiyanis, but I am against of their sham ideologies

AamirLiaquat I completely and throughly believe that killing of any human being is the killing of the whole humanity

Having established his good nature and intentions, Dr Liaquat carried on:
AamirLiaquat O Qadiyanis! Do not come up with the false allegations, the whole world knows that you have hatred and grudges against me

At this point the good Doctor took a call from journalist and documentary filmmaker Beena Sarwar who remarked:
beenasarwar @AamirLiaquat I'm not arguing with your belief. Only asking whether this belief can only be propagated by hating others.

The good Doctor replied, once again, with surprising brevity:
AamirLiaquat @beenasarwar Beena please put yourself out from this quarrel, it is a serious matter of belief

AamirLiaquat @beenasarwar I request you again please understand the Khatm-e-Naboowat, it is not an issue of hate and love

Not your typical call-in, but hey its Twitter – time and attention spans are short! On with the show. Columnist and activist Marvi Sirmed weighed in:
marvisirmed @Spugmay Chill yourself and keep your lectures to yourself. We'll deal with this murderer ourselves @AamirLiaquat @sanakazmi

To which our (shocked) good Doctor replies:
AamirLiaquat Now they are threatend me, they have nothing to prove

AamirLiaquat She called me murderer...Sirf lafzoun ey hi mar gaye..hai allah

With this, and a few other choice retweets that cannot be pasted here, the late-night show came to an end with a final shout out by Dr Liaquat:
AamirLiaquat Ok Bye Bye, O Qadiyanis! keep on burning

Twitter channel off.

Time to go to sleep in our land of the pure, Pakistan…

The Morning Show

Dr Liaquat, true to morning show form begins by taking a call from Beena Sarwar once again. This time we see less aggression, smiles, platitudes and ye ol' morning show calm:
beenasarwar @AamirLiaquat is an old colleague from Geo. I'm sure he doesn't mean harm, will crub hate speech.

AamirLiaquat @beenasarwar You are right beena and you know me very well

The chit chat takes a pleasant turn, with Ms Sarwar finding room for sneaking in a request:
@beenasarwar @AamirLiaquat Look fwd to you clearing misconception, & clearly state violence, murder of anyone for their faith incl Ahmedis is WRONG. Thks

The good Doctor takes up the good will and embellishes:
AamirLiaquat @beenasarwar Un murders key peechey bhi aik conspiracy thi, kash kabhi koi mujh sey to poochta ya woh programme hi unbiast ho kar dekhta

AamirLiaquat @beenasarwar Yeah Beena these are my views too...pata nahin Rasool sey meri muhabbat ko provoking of violence kiyoun samajh lia jaatA hai

So there we have it folks! The wonders of the media revealed! Something for everybody! Got a little masala in for the late night folks, and got your platitudes in for the morning segment too!

In media/marketing speak I believe this is called: win-win.


e-samosa | 12 years ago | Reply i just wasted 10 minutes on this.
fatima ikram | 12 years ago | Reply amir liaqat a greatttttttttttttttttttttttttt man may allah bless him
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