Let's play: 20 questions for Zulfiqar Mirza

If America wants to break Pakistan up, why did you go to the enemy country for a 40-day vacation?

Tanzeel Ahmad August 29, 2011
Sindh’s former home minister Zulfiqar Mirza has announced his resignation from the government in yet another media circus.

During TV interviews he made personal attacks against journalists and politicians, making references to their facial features and appearance. However, his emotional outburst left lots of questions on the policy of the government unanswered.

A few questions I would like to ask Mr Mirza are:

1) If you claim to be so truthful, why have you never made these revelations before?

2) According to you, Rehman Malik does everything on the discretion of President Asif Ali Zardari. Why then is Rehman Malik accused of conspiring against the People’s Party and not President Zardari?

3) Is the president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari a fool to not understand the shrewdness of Rehman Malik?

4) Mirza Sahab, why did you never raise your voice in 2001 (or afterwards) when you got to know that MQM chief Altaf Hussain wrote a letter against the ISI?

5) What exactly made you speak up after the discovery of the torture cells and ammunition from Lyari?

6) You acknowledge that Rehman Malik is a “good politician and a good human being” but maintain that he is also a compulsive liar. What does this mean?

7) You placed the Holy Quran on your head and said that MQM has a false mandate in Karachi and Hyderabad. How many petitions have you filed in court about this?

8) Why are superior courts, Pakistani forces and Pakistani law enforcement agencies not taking any action on the MQM's alleged crimes? Is the MQM really that powerful?

9) CPLC recovered most of the kidnapped people from Lyari. Is this the reason why the CPLC chief, Ahmed Chinoy, has suddenly turned into a villain?

10) You seem to be very worried about the people of Sindh. Why are you obsessed with Karachi only? Has karo-kari, dacoity and corruption ended in interior Sindh?

11) How many hospitals and schools have you built in your own constituency?

12) You say that you will fight against the criminal elements of Karachi in your private capacity. Is this legal?

13) Keeping in mind that a civilian cannot take the law into his own hands, how would you decide who is a criminal and who is not?

14) You claim that you haven’t recruited any MQM worker in the Sindh Police, and that recruitment in the police department was done on merit only. If this is so, then why does corruption and incompetency still prevail in the Sindh Police?

15) Why are the ISI chief and Army Generals not taking action on your “substantiated evidence”?

16) When are you going to the Supreme Court to submit this evidence?

17)  How exactly have President Asif Zardari and the late Benazir Bhutto helped you in acquiring such a huge amount of money, villas, cars, sugar mills and thousands of acres of lands?

18) You alleged that during a meeting in London, the MQM chief Altaf Hussain had told you that America and other world powers had decided to 'break' Pakistan, and that Altaf Hussain had supported their idea. Since when has Altaf Hussain started sharing such secrets with you?

19) If America wants to break Pakistan up, according to you, then why did you go to the enemy country for a 40-day vacation?

20)  Sir, do you still stand by your slogan "Pakistan na Khappay" (We don't want Pakistan)?

Tanzeel Ahmad A UAE based marketing professional who is interested in politics and cultural issues. He blogs at www.tanzeel.wordpress.com
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Shiblee qureshi | 12 years ago | Reply Here are my question. You yourself said your forefather came to Sindh from Georgia during Mogals then how can you claim your are son of soil Sindhi? According to historian your nothing but Aryan from North those invaded India/Sindh. You are Shia and most of the Shia consider our sunni Quran to be incomplete and not real Quran so for your this Quran is worth nothing so is this is why you are using Quran for your lies? You are Shia according to Shia its permissiable to lie even on Quran if need arise to fullfill you desires its call Taqayya in Shiaisim. How do we know you are noy using Taqayya when you sowrn on Quran to lie.
Osama | 12 years ago | Reply Mirza sabotaged the peace process of Karachi, though majority of Businessmen & professional knows that Aman Committee was full fledge acting as an extortionist group, under the supervision of Mirza. Around 50 % kidnapping was supervised by Mirza and eventually a brutal killing during Ramadan opened the eyes of Karchittes. He distorted the peace & the moral values. Amazingly people found themselves in a situation where murderer who overtly claiming his criminal acts and sentiments, was praised and unfortunately specific group /segment of society enjoy & praise his convictions. Secondly, the local body is a mechanism for devolution of power. Indeed it should be discussed with the motive to provide the opportunity to masses at the root level, to take decisions for their betterment. Commissioner system is basically a colonial system of governance where the British Raj was replaced with “Afsar Shahi”. We should not isolate the fact that commonwealth contries are now adopting this system for the good practices for local democracy and good governance.
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