10 reasons why Karachi University is better than LUMS

Next time you stand at the water cooler and a LUMS grad walks up, you should know who really has bragging rights.

Gibran Ashraf August 14, 2011
A bit of university rivalry is always on display at any workplace, with those belonging to one institution drawn together in an alumni-brotherhood, whose sole purpose at times is to make fun of the inferiority of the the other institutions duly represented among their colleagues.

Suffice to say, the old our-frat-party-was-cooler-than-theirs-ever-could-be always makes for idle chit chat at the water dispenser or smoke room.

So, what happens when you try to pit one of the top business schools with the largest university in the country?

1.The real estate:

Karachi University has a main campus which sprawls over 1,800 acres, a small town in itself. This real estate means that KU has two full cricket fields, one Olympic sized football ground, a grass hockey field, squash and tennis courts.

Understandably, most students do not feel the need to go to the gym after you walk an average of 10 km while on campus.

2. Faculty:

Do you know why Karachi University gives you 10 fields to fill in your preferred sectors of studies at the time of admission? Because you have a choice from 54 departments spread over nine faculties of arts, science, medicine, engineering, economics and computers.

Compare this to the seven offered by LUMS over three faculties.

3. The food:

Karachi University has a signature cuisine that have become famous. The mini samosas served straight out of the fryer in the university's own food street 'Prem Gali', to the halwa puri and other luncheon options at Majeeday.

4. Entertainment:

There are a number of museums on campus at different departments including Zoology, Geology, History, Sociology where rare artefacts and cultural items are on display. Not to mention Karachi University has its own botanical gardens as well.

5. We are literary – no really we are:

Karachi University houses one of the largest libraries in Pakistan. Its central, Mehmood Hussain library has close to 350, 000 books, including the personal collection of the Quaid, Mohammad Ali Jinnah. In addition, each department maintains its own small library ensuring a wealth of ready reading material for students and faculty members. And infinite excuse to sleep in peace. KU also holds one of the biggest book fairs in Pakistan during its annual book fair.

6. Our very own radio station:

Leave that iPod at home when you come to KU. When on campus, you can tune into the the on-campus radio FM 90.6 operated by students of the Mass Communication department. KU also has its very own printing press. We promote our own.

7. You don't study politics and international relations, you experience it:

At Karachi University there is an emphasis on practical learning. From economics of managing expenses to learning politics first hand from the well represented student wings of political parties. And yes, you will also receive occasional lessons in martial arts and self-defense during riots.

With students coming from a host of countries, you would be thrust into international relations with allied countries in a friendly environment of samosas and tea.

8. Research is our middle name:

Karachi University has 21 research institutes which conduct research on things such as molecular genetics to the stars in our galaxy. For this purpose, Karachi University has an electron microscope and a ground telescope.

9. KU still has the best, and the most coveted business school in the country:

For all of LUMS pandering and solitary claim to fame that it is the best business school in Pakistan, it forgets how Karachi University was and still hosts the best business school in Pakistan, the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) currently headed by a former governor of State Bank, Dr Ishrat Hussain.

10. The last reason why Karachi University is infinitely better than LUMS:

KU is in Karachi. Nuff said!

So next time you stand at the water cooler and a LUMS grad walks up, you know who really has bragging rights.
Gibran Ashraf A sub editor at the web desk of The Express Tribune
The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necassarily reflect the views and policies of the Express Tribune.


Yusuf | 8 years ago | Reply The real competition is between LUMS vs Government College Lahore.
ALi | 8 years ago | Reply Karachi University is The University which gives very famous personality to Pakistan. It history is very old and Quality of education is still excellent. Students of Karachi University come from all areas therefore the presentation and communication of students is vary, but they all come on merit. This is the quality of education that when these students pass out they can easily adjust in market. Karachi University, Karachi University Hay! Need no comparison with others baby universities.
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