'I killed my children'

A leaked audiotape reveals Saiqa Akhtar strangled her kids after unsuccessfully trying to shove 'wash-room cleaner' down their throats... I can't sleep.

Nadya V July 25, 2010

"Whats going on there?"

"I killed them...I Killed both of them...I killed my kids."

It doesn't get more agonizing than this. A leaked conversation of a Pakistani woman who killed her two young children has left me unable to sleep.

Saiqa Akhtar strangled her son and daughter with a wire, after unsuccessfully trying to shove 'wash-room cleaner' down their throats, while insisting with the 911 operator that they were blue and not moving.
This is my first blog post for The Tribune and apologies that it has to be so dark, but fact of the matter is that we have some really messed up people in this nation of ours. My heart goes out to those children. Their story is going to be in the news for a couple of days more, probably less, and then forgotten as just another sensational item, moreso because it featured a Pakistani. But this truly shocking tale is tied into our country.

It is the darkest, ugliest reflection of what happens when a society gets hung up on ideals of a family unit and the pressure to deliver offspring,with the failure to do so lying squarely with the mother.

I am so bitter, so upset I don't know who to hate - the mother who killed the children, or those who say:
"You didn't bear a son? You're worthless."

"You can conceive? I will marry a second wife."

"You had autistic children? shame on you."

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