YouTube craze: A girl with guts

A gutsy girl scolds Rehman Malik and tells the government enough is enough!

Javaria Kausar August 15, 2011
Some called her daring, many admired her courage while some critics compared this opinionated little girl to a Bollywood movie character.

Is it the circumstances in the country that made the girl in this viral video speak so bluntly, or is it the electronic media that’s giving even children reason to speak up against the government?

I don’t know: all I know is I would never do such a thing publicly on a news channel.


This little girl knows quite a lot about what is happening in Karachi - she mentions Qasba Colony and Rehman Malik sightseeing from the helicopter to check the situation there. She argues that government is doing nothing for the poor people. The question that arises is how can small girl dare to speak on camera so bluntly about the inefficiencies of our government.

We see this type of conversations all the time on TV where an anchor sits and speaks in a shrill voice blaming politicians for every problem that occurs. Similar discussions go on in our homes where the head of the family expresses his remarks about inflation, high prices, cursing politicians and the ruling parties.

Our people, including children, youth and seniors are also influenced by the Indian films and dramas that they try to imitate them in their daily lives. The way the little girl in the video clip is dressed and her style of speaking make her seem like a miniature TV host. Maybe that is why the title of this video clip is ‘dabangg bachi.

While the media should be more responsible parents will also have to play an important role in telling children that circumstances are not as bleak as they appear on TV. At least children should not give up hope of a new day come in Pakistan.
Javaria Kausar An MBA Media Management program at Institute of Business Management in Karachi
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