A vacation in Balochistan

The clear waters of Gwadar and the world class highway to access it makes this place a very attractive tourist spot.

Eckova October 09, 2011
Anyone beholding the beauty of the Balochistan coast cannot help but be struck by it. This video is a visual tour of all the work being done by the International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands to regenerate a coastal region that was once dead.

A world class highway stretches for 800 kilometres and gives one the opportunity to view the sandy beaches, clear blue waters and the spectacular coastal ranges.  This is the perfect opportunity for eco-tourism, as it promotes the welfare of the locals, and encourages responsible travel.

Vast mangrove plantations have been set up, enabled by the Balochistan Forest and Wildlife Department and the Gwadar Development Authority. These have served to protect the coast as a natural barrier and sand dunes have been stabilized. The return of the mangroves, in fact, has led to vibrant wildlife, and crabs, shrimp, mud skippers and many species of fish have emerged in the once lifeless land. Birds, too, have migrated to the coast, making this a fine location for bird-watching. Moreover, the clear waters offer an excellent outlet for water sports.

Thus, Gwadar has developed in to a very attractive tourist spot, and can be accessed by road or air.

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