The Street Favourite: Bun Kebabs

Tehniat Aftab June 14, 2010
Bun Kebabs are the traditional and addictive specialty of Pakistan, and especially, Karachi. You find a lot of Bun Kebab vendors scattered all across Karachi, the most famous ones being on Pakistan Chowk, Burns Road, Bahadurabad and Gizri.

Bun Kebabs are one of Karachi’s major roadside attractions, providing its people a delicious snack to relish on amid the hustle and bustle of the city life. The sight of a Bun Kebab makes one’s mouth water and stomach growl. None of the multinational fast food chains can provide a substitute for the local Bun Kebabs. Nothing can beat them; they have a unique spicy taste and are a favourite snack of locals belonging to any class.

Having Bun Kebabs is an entire experience in itself. It involves not just eating, but also watching the vendor make it front of you: frying the patty, toasting the buns, adding the delicious mint chutney, the sliced onions and then closing it – your mouth waters, and you want to bite into it as soon as the ‘waiter’ holds it out for you! It’s a must-eat item for anyone who visits Karachi. In Lahore, Bun Kebabs are more commonly known as Shami burgers.

There is a whole variety of Bun Kebabs. Daal anday ka (egg & lentils) bun kebab, seekh kebab ka, aloo ka bun kebab (with a potato patty), and chapli kebab ka (with a meat patty).

They are tasty and reasonably priced, and are among the most popular street food items of the city. When asked, a couple of friends on Twitter agreed that nothing could beat the Bun Kebab.

Ayesha said, “I ate Bun Kebabs for seven years in school. I think this tells a lot that I used to find them delicious and also fulfilling.”

When asked if Bun Kebabs can be substituted by any of the international fast food chain’s burgers, Muhammad Ali Yakoob said,“The chutney in those Bun Kebabs makes the whole difference, and that taste can never be found in those international burgers.”

Mohammad Imtiaz said, “Bun Kebab, anytime!”

Ayesha Mehmood said, “Nothing can beat Bun Kebabs; Bun Kebabs forever!”

Get the recipe for Bun Kebabs, here.

Tehniat Aftab is a student and an avid food blogger who blogs at This post was originally published here.
Tehniat Aftab A student and avid food blogger who blogs at Bon Vivant.
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tr | 12 years ago | Reply one more famous place for BUN KABABs is Jamshed Road no:2 this kebab walla is around for more than 30 years
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