Sometimes the reward is in ignoring

Not everything everyone says deserves a reaction, especially when it is coming from a mad man.

Hassan Choudary June 19, 2011
I have written this post in response to the blog titled ‘Selling rewards for the after-life.’ Before I move ahead, I want to make it clear that I do not want to advocate what the person in the video is saying. My problem is also not with what the author has written in her piece - it is with why she, or anyone else for that matter, would give the video such importance.

A friend of mine posted the now infamous video on my Facebook wall a couple of weeks ago. After I watched it, I deleted it and told my friend to do the same. When she asked why, I told her that:
a) We do not know who the gentleman in the video is.

b) What credibility does he hold in stating what he is?

c) He is quoting God and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to substantiate his claims which in themselves seem to be fairly dubious. Hence, we should ignore it.

Points a) and b) are fairly self-explanatory. I would however like to delve into point c).

Now. I am no scholar but when somebody says something about my religion and quotes two of the highest authorities on the matter, what choice do I have?
1. I can choose to completely not believe in what the person is saying.

2. I can investigate the matter by studying it on my own or by consulting a fairly learned person on the subject for a second opinion.

But, until this is done, I believe I should not share such a thing or discuss it, simply because it will give unnecessary and undue attention to an unknown person talking about my religion and God’s teachings in a derogatory way with an unknown level of credibility.

We, and I mean human beings, sometimes need to let it go.

Not everything everyone says deserves a reaction, especially when it is coming from a mad man.

In her blog, the author rightly points out:
“This ‘scholar’ (I hate to use this word to describe him, but this is a public forum and I am going to maintain a certain level of respect)…”

I say, why talk about him then?
Hassan Choudary
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Hasan | 13 years ago | Reply Dear Author, Please read my reply to your post: Ignoring is the first step towards ignorance
Rizwan | 13 years ago | Reply @imtiaz: I fully agree with you Imtiaz except holding by collar part .......... but definitely we should condemn it.
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