An open letter to Imran Khan

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf needs to replace its selective procedure of choosing leadership with a democratic one.

Khalil Ahmad June 08, 2011
I tried my best to gain direct access to Imran Khan, but failed, and now I hope to share my suggestions with him through newspapers

Dear Chairman PTI,

No doubt, you are a just, philanthropic, practical and esteemed leader. However your Tehreek (movement) should also possess all these strengths, not just you. Most people only know ‘Imran Khan’. The Tehreek-e-Insaaf, they only know by name and not otherwise.

A quote is popular among many of your supporters:
“I am a fan of Imran Khan, but not Tehreek-e-Insaaf”

This does not imply that they don’t like the PTI -- they do like it and want to be members of it, but they object to the approach PTI uses in achieving its goals and ideals. In other words, the structure of the party is not ideal for achieving its targets.

Though your intentions are good, this one-man-show is not conducive for the party's desired objectives.

Many supporters also say:
“Imran Khan is a candid person but a media leader”

There is logic in this phrase.

‘Seriousness to the cause’ and ‘completion of a campaign’ are pivotal points for any Tehreek.

It is not once that we have seen our chairman embark upon a campaign and leave it half-way. Take for example the task of proving Altaf Hussain, leader of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) as a criminal and bringing him to court. Next, we see that the whole task has been abandoned.

Similarly, one day would see the chairman taking part in serious protest on a national issue, and the next day, he would be commenting on cricket in Sri Lanka. This displays a lack of seriousness to the cause. Once you start a campaign, you need to adhere to it till its logical end.

Dear chairman, you also need to re-consider your existing leadership and go to each and every square of the country to elect your organising body. You need to have Mahallah in-charges,  Village in-charges, Unit in-charges, Sector in-charges etcetera. The hierarchy must be formed with the consent of the public.

Unfortunately, most of the PTI leadership has been picked by one person, which is a ‘selective procedure’. What is needed is an ‘elective procedure’. An elective procedure ensures trust and shows solidarity and oneness with the workers and the public. It is an inclusive procedure in which the leaders, the workers and the common people work as a team for the common cause.

Only then will you have the trust of the public and we will see our dream of Pakistan as a modern Islamic Welfare State come true.

Best wishes,

Khalil Ahmad
Khalil Ahmad A PhD (Eng) Scholar at the University of Management Technology in Lahore.
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Salman | 13 years ago | Reply And also the worker of the party didn't get the role and position in the party, I did see Imran Khan chosing well-know doctors and personalities and make them the head of PTI Sindh and other organzations positions. This is the very undemocratic approach.
Immooo !!! | 13 years ago | Reply how funny it wud be when our President giving press conference and comments on cricket matches (if his selected as president of Pak) lol
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