Mending ties with neighbours

A brighter future is in store if Pakistan realises that it is better to forge relationships with all its neighbours.

Waqas Rafique May 02, 2011
Terror attacks have become routine for Pakistanis following the Bin Laden debacle.

Just recently, the DPO office in Hangu was targeted by militants. Another in the series of terror strikes in Pakistan to avenge the killing of the former al Qaeda chief.

Why is it just Pakistan that repeatedly keeps coming under attack? This is a question that is being put before many experts and analysts frequently on TV. The answer is complex. But sane voices at home, and now abroad, seem to be realising that resolving the dispute between Pakistan and India might hold the key to the solution.

Pakistan would benefit a great deal by mending ties with India. A brighter future is in store if Pakistan realises that it is better to forge healthy relationships with all the neighbouring countries instead of always looking towards major powers for solace.

Post Osama bin Laden, Pakistan will have to break its alleged ties with terror groups that it has been nurturing solely because of the threat from India. This will definitely help it regain its lost respect globally.

The 16 per cent spending on defense could be prevented and more could be given to education and healthcare. That will make people happy. People are more powerful than nuclear weapons and if Pakistanis are a happy people there is little chance that anyone would be able to play dirty with the country. India too, can benefit a lot by reviewing its stance on Kashmir. One thing it definitely needs to do is to stop killing innocent and unarmed Kashmiris. By doing that it can get some free time to deal with many other concerns that it has, such as the rising global influence of China, and so, will spend less energy in gaining irrelevant influence in Afghanistan.

There’s no doubt that there is lots of ground to cover before the two sides can patch up. But the good thing is the growing realisation among our international friends that peace between Pakistan and India is vital for global peace. To begin with, the two sides should try becoming strangers, which is way better than being enemies.
Waqas Rafique An Islamabad based journalist who was a former employee of Express News. He tweets @waqasrafique (
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bushra | 12 years ago | Reply I do not agree with your views.Maintainace of peace in pakistan is a complex affair.Involves both inside and outside forces that I agree with.
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