If anyone should retire, it’s Ijaz Butt

So many positive steps can be taken but before that, the people in charge need to be changed.

Rizwan Raees Khan June 01, 2011
Shahid Afridi finally called it a day. The reasons he cited for announcing his retirement were those that most of us already knew and that most of us knew were hampering the success of the Pakistan team.

Afridi said he was not allowed to give any input in team selection and bizarrely, was also barred from talking to the press about his involvement, or lack thereof, in team matters.

This begs the question of why Butt, all pun intended, is the 'head' of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Is it so he can live the lifestyle of the rich and famous?

Or is it so he can stay in the most expensive hotels and take his family and friends out on the PCB’s purse?

Because, from what I’ve seen, cricket to him, is something that goes on in the background.

There have been countless scandals - match fixing, players being banned, Zulqarnain running off to England for asylum etcetera.

“Butt” does he care? I’ll let you be the judge.

I understand that there are much more serious things going on in Pakistan and the president might not have had the time to address the issue but it’s been three years. The simple fact is that cricket is the national sport (unofficially of course) of this country and it brings us happiness and joy in hard times, so these problems need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

It’s amazing to see that with all that’s been going on in the PCB we’ve still won a World Twenty20 cup and reached the semi-final of the 50 over format.

There is a lot to look forward to, including the promised constitution (been waiting for years now to see that happen) for the PCB.

So many positive steps can be taken but before that, the people in charge need to be changed so Mr Butt:
You should retire.
Rizwan Raees Khan Anchor for NewsOne, who also hosts the show 'kya hum tayyar hein.'
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asfandyar | 12 years ago | Reply @janzeb heard afridi filed a petition? so well see the back of him soon ! fingers crossed
mohammad yunus | 12 years ago | Reply we talk about various pakistani cricket player/managers. why don't we provide opportunity to black baloch players in pakistani cricket. they can do power batting with their best known stimina.why not try?
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