Daenerys thinks that she should wreak havoc with her dragons but Jon advises her against it. But will she take his advice? PHOTO: IMDb

Game of Thrones S07-E04: A Stark reunion, an epic battle and unfinished business – what more could one want?

The episode has surpassed all previous GoT standards and has set new benchmarks for the show itself.

Sahir Palijo August 08, 2017
Recently, I read that some fans and critics were complaining about the seventh season of Game of Thrones (GoT) being too rushed. There have also been complaints stating that the show is more focused on displays rather than character development. But I think it is safe to assume that all these negative reviews will die down once the said individuals watch the fourth episode.

This week’s offering had some touching reunions and jaw-dropping moments. Some might argue otherwise, but for me, this was the best GoT episode so far. It surpasses all previous GoT standards and sets new benchmarks for the show itself and other shows as well.

The episode begins with the Lannister army transporting the gold they have acquired from the High Gardens to the King’s Landing. Within this sequence, we get to see delightful chemistry between Ser Bronn and Jaime Lannister.

In one of my previous reviews, I had complained about how Jaime had become more of a side character, but I stand corrected this week. Bronn and Jaime have some brilliant dialogues and some very intense and gripping moments which will make you realise that Bronn deserves more screen time.

In Winterfell, Bran Stark and Petyr Baelish have an interesting encounter, where Bran is gifted a Valyrian dagger by the latter, the same one that was used to assassinate him with in the first season.

Littlefinger goes about his usual routine of trying to prove himself and sympathising with Bran when he is interrupted by Bran saying the following iconic line,
“Chaos is a ladder.”

Could this be a sign?

Furthermore, if you didn’t understand it the first time, dig deeper in order to understand the actual reference.

For someone who has been watching this show since the beginning (not the very beginning though, I must confess), it gives me pleasure to watch all the Stark children reunite. Arya Stark had decided to head towards Winterfell when she heard Jon Snow was the King in the North.

In this episode, she finally comes home and reunites with Sansa Stark and Bran. The Stark siblings share some light moments before they realise how much things have changed since their father’s beheading.

Arya and Brienne train for the first time and Arya proves that her skills are better than Brienne’s. However, she is not pleased to know that the Starks have joined hands with Littlefinger, considering everything that he has done in the past.

Is it possible that Arya has added his name to her kill list?

At Dragonstone, we catch Daenerys Targaryen and Jon wandering in a cave where he discovers dragonglass. Here, Daenerys realises that the White Walker threat is real. We also note just how stubborn she is. To be honest, I haven’t been a fan of the Mother of Dragons this season. To make matters worse, Daenerys is informed that she has lost an ally in Olenna Tyrell.

Recalling her two lost battles and three lost allies, you can tell that this isn’t a great start for her. Daenerys thinks that she should wreak havoc with her dragons but Jon advises her against it. But Daenerys, in a typical Daenerys fashion, completely ignores Jon’s advice.

And so ensues the greatest battle ever to hit our screens.

The Lannister army, still high on success from their previous victory, realise that the Mother of Dragons has come to take revenge and thus the battle of the loot train takes place. Jaime finally gets to witness the damage a full-grown dragon can inflict. The entire sequence is crafted with such finesse that even big-budget movies might bend the knee when compared to this episode.


Although Daenerys shows off her power and causes some serious damage, it comes at a cost. In a previous episode, we saw Cersei planning to tackle the ‘three dragon problem’, and she had a dragon killing arrow artillery (the scorpion) at her dispense. During the battle, the Lannister infantry comes face to face with Drogon and Drogon meets the scorpion.

What makes this episode the greatest one so far is this never seen before battle scene. The computer generated imagery (CGI) is terrific and the action choreography is perfect. Drogon is phenomenal and regal, and the scenes where it burns hordes of infantry are breathtaking.

Furthermore, we get to see some fan favourites being pitted against each other. The production value is so good that at times you think that HBO is trying to show off.

The episode ends with a cliff-hanger that will leave your heart pounding vigorously. Jaime’s fate hangs in balance when the credits roll. To think that you will get answers after one entire week is just cruel, but all we can do is wait. Hopefully the next episode will provide us with the answers we’re so desperately looking for.

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