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Why is the chief minister so inclined to doling out public funds?

Khadim Hussain April 02, 2011
The chief minister announced ahead of the World Cup semi-final match that every member of the national cricket team would get 25-acre agricultural land if they win. After the team lost the match, he announced cash awards. Why is the chief minister so inclined to doling out public funds?

A former manager of the cricket team advised his friends against betting on Pakistan winning the semi-final. He claimed that he had seen a bowler with a notorious bookie about four years ago.

The former manager claimed that he saw the bookie come out of the player’s room. He also claimed he saw diamond jewellery in a team member’s hotel room. He said the player told him that,
“It’s a gift from a fan.”

The PCB chairman being a Kashmiri enjoys complete support of the brothers heading the Nawaz League. They say all Kashmiris have a common Nani.

A former chairman of the Pakistan International Airlines created a scene on board a PIA flight from Lahore to London. The man described by witnesses as totally drunk, wanted to move to the business-class although he had an economy-class ticket. Witnesses said he misbehaved with the cabin crew and forced his way into the business class. The captain of the flight had to intervene to send the man back to the economy-class.

Under British law, such passengers can be jailed. About to be arrested by police on arrival at London he pleaded with the captain not to press charges against him and was released with a warning.

PIA insiders said this was not the first such incident involving the man.

On a recent trip to UK, former prime minister Nawaz Sharif reported an irregular heartbeat.

During his years in exile, he had already undergone an angioplasty and had two stents inserted.

This time, he developed complications when an artery was ruptured during a minor procedure at London’s Queens Hospital.

As a result, Sharif, who had been taking medicines for diluting blood, suffered massive bleeding and a sharp drop in blood pressure.

The artery was repaired and bleeding cleared up in a minor surgery. Sharif was advised complete rest for three weeks.

Published in The Express Tribune.

Khadim Hussain A Lahore based columnist for The Express Tribune who contributes to Five Rivers Running.
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