Does Pakistan care about Japan (or anybody else)?

After all the international help we got during the floods, Pakistanis seem to be ignoring Japan's natural disasters.

Anum Pasha March 19, 2011
Japan has been hit by the world’s biggest natural disaster since the Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine in 1986.

Panic has spread like wildfire as people take off to Taiwan and other international destinations. Japan’s nuclear crisis is skyrocketing to new heights, since radiation levels from a stricken power plant are traveling through Tokyo.

When Pakistan was ravaged by the floods last year, the international community went all out to help us. But in Japan’s time of need, Pakistan is silent.

Here, I must still congratulate Pakistan on its nerves of steel. Due to our onslaught of personal problems, we Pakistanis have strengthened our built-in immune systems even more.

We are caught up in the PPP versus MQM drama or just anxiously awaiting the next round of pathetic rhetoric from the Chief Minister of Punjab.

The media is also caught up with politicians’ protests involving lotas in Lahore and the potential India-Pakistan clash on the World Cup cricket pitch this year.

In fact, in the next few days newspapers and television screens will show critics delivering their ‘significant’ tirades about how and why one American Raymond Davis just got released to leave on a jet plane back to his US safe haven.

As I write this, my phone and Facebook newsfeed are flooded with people responding to Raymond Davis’s release today, and most are utterly disappointed with Pakistan’s current sell-out status to the West.

We must bring an end to this indifference in attitude before we are cut from the chord. It is only my last leap of faith in Pakistan which results in the question: why have the Pakistani civil society, students and universities, media and government stakeholders still not awakened to Japan’s natural disaster?

It’s payback time and there are ways to help. International organisations including Save the Children, Islamic Relief, World Bank and UNICEF are playing their part and 91 countries including China who has had a major border dispute with Japan, have already offered assistance.

Online donations can currently be made through the British Red Cross and through Google’s Crisis Response as well. Many organisations are initiating the text-to-donate approach via Twitter in order reach out to concerned people across the world.

Many of us are perhaps feeling the Japanese peoples’ pain, so let’s start responding to this international emergency now. We should engage corporations, government and civil society just as we would if this tragedy had hit our own homes.
Anum Pasha A Lahore based journalist who prevously worked at The Friday Times
The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necassarily reflect the views and policies of the Express Tribune.


maynotmatter | 12 years ago | Reply @Sohaib Agree with you there. If India is indeed controlling the water flow it is crime against humanity. But please be advised my friend it is always very easy to get swayed by nationalistic sentiments and our natural prejudices. Has there been any independent study about whether Indian dams are indeed stopping or controlling the water flow ? By nature Dams are not build to store water but to direct the flow, primarily for hydro electric power. Its not practical or even by engineering advisable to store the amount of water beyond certain level. So the flow of water to the region is not impacted. Is the down stream flow of river in Pakistan is 100 % utilized to its current capacity ? Pakistan's own report suggests mismanagement of water. Proper irrigation engineering can solve that issue. Has there been study done to understand what happens to water after it enters Pakistan? If India ever stops or manipulate the flow it will be a violation of Indus treaty and this to my personal belief India will not and should not do. But as I stated earlier , it is easy to get swayed by political tunes, let us establish the facts and then go forward with stronger case in hand. Peace to India and Pakistan
maynotmatter | 12 years ago | Reply @Salman: why do you live in USA then ? Dont bite the hand that feeds. If you truly love Pakistan, come back, stand with your brothers and help us. No ? It is much more easy to sit in a comfortable plush office, cozy house , with elegant and ergonomic computer desk and type your biased and prejudiced thoughts , isn't it? God helps who helps themselves, surely you might have at least heard it if not follow it. Dont blame USA or any country for your mis fortunes. Why does Pakistan has to ask any country for help during their bad time. Why dont we help ourselves ? Why do we bring politics and say "no" to help coming from India. If you want to give your pride more importance than lives of people then so be it and shut your mouth.
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