Help! I'm a 'handsome' girl

Hairy and hating it? Miss Informed solves the working woman's beauty woes.

Miss Informed March 10, 2011
Dear Miss Informed,

I have a serious issue.

I am a working woman. I go to work bright and early at 8am and don’t come back before 7:30 in the evening. For this reason, I find that I never have time to visit the salon; this means bushy eyebrows, chipped nails, frizzy hair and a pubescent moustache.  By the time I’m done from work, every single beauty parlour in the city has closed for the day, which means that I look “handsome” till Sunday (my day off) to go and get de-haired and look pretty.

I don’t mean to sound like a self-obsessed Vainika who has nothing better to do (did I mention that I work really hard?), but it’s pretty frustrating that these parlours don’t open earlier than 9 am or later than 8 pm. Does my desire to be successful mean that I have to look disheveled and scruffy?

I love my job but I also really love my face. I’m thinking about switching careers so I can have a more flexible time-table.

Please help me!

Sincerely yours,



Dear Hairy,

You’ve taken the words right out of my head!

Balancing work with regular trips to the salon is not easy. Salon owners should be ashamed of themselves! Are they only catering to faarigh society aunties?

While being hairy and unpolished definitely sucks, switching jobs to squeeze in the odd manicure and blow dry is a disproportionate reaction. You could, instead, go to work late once a month (after informing your boss about it the previous day) and indulge in a few quiet hours of pampering at the salon. I understand that the luxury of going late is not one you can frequently take advantage of, but try it on a day when you don’t have too much work – it won’t get you fired.

Secondly, a do-it-yourself manicure/pedicure kit should definitely take care of those chipped and yellowing nails temporarily. So go out and buy one and soak your feet in some tingling sea salt after a long day at work. You deserve it and your feet probably need it.

Here’s another suggestion: if you can’t beat them (the parlour walis), join them! Pick up a spool of thread and learn the nifty craft of threading. It’s not rocket science and acquiring the skill will do wonders for your appearance on a particularly “handsome” day.

Apart from this, you could always invest in products and appliances that leave even the frizziest ‘fro looking straight and glossy.

Hope this helps!

PS Suck it up and get your priorities straight. Life isn't easy and yours, my dear, is no exception. Viva la vida!

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shocked | 13 years ago | Reply this woman is ridiculous!!! im a working woman too. HELLO what are SATURDAYS for?
irfan | 13 years ago | Reply hahahahah!!! my comment was only a sarcasm. I am not arguing on the issue of women working or not (and I cant argue at all if you are a woman :)). But just alarming the author that already we are in a conservative society...and the author is working...she should be thankful that she is still safe ;)
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