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As a young British Muslim, I’ve been told to stay away from Google – why do I feel like a terrorist?

A few weeks ago, I was even asked to leave a mosque for reading the Quran.

Yousuf Zubair March 02, 2017
A few days ago, a German school announced that it had banned Muslim students from using prayer mats in order to stop them from displaying their religion “in a provocative manner”. I read this with a sad sense of familiarity; it reminds me of the sense of fear and anxiety that I myself feel as a young British Muslim in 2017.

On a day-to-day basis, I am hyperconscious about where I am sitting in a café or a park, when I do my daily Quran reading — who around me might see the Arabic writing on my laptop screen or mobile phone app and feel threatened or incensed? Might they even call the police or refer me to a prevent channel, as has happened to others? If I was doing my French homework, I know I would hardly be noticed, but I worry terribly about the piercing eyes around me when reading Arabic, especially the Quran.

A few weeks ago, I was even asked to leave a mosque for reading the Quran. Yes, you read it correctly. I was taken into an office where several anxious old men had called an emergency Cobra meeting of sorts, and interrogated me about who I was, what I was doing and why I was there, because they had never seen me before. They were alarmed simply because I was sat on my own, in a corner, looking down at my phone.

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Yousuf Zubair The author is an A-Level student who regularly writes articles on politics, education, religion and society. He brings his individual perspective as a young British person and practicing Muslim to these pieces. He tweets @yeezy_98 (
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Anoop | 7 years ago | Reply Go to any bazaar in Pakistan. Yell "Allah Ho Akbar" and see the sight of people running away helter-skelter. Are the people running away Muslims? Yes. Are they afraid? Yes. Do the British have anything to do with this? No. Go to any bazaar in India, yell "Hey Ram!", "Hare Krishna". People will look at you funny for shouting in the middle of the bazaar. Repeat the exercise with different countries and different Religious phrases. islamophobia is real and its biggest proponents are Muslims. Kuwait, till recently, banned the entry of Pakistanis. China doesn't allow Pakistanis to enter if they aren't in a group. All the countries of the world are worried about its Muslim population, most specifically Muslim majority countries. Saying Terror has no Religion, might sound cute and movie-esque, but when somebody shouts the phrase you most dread, your instincts kick in and won't even finish the sentence: "My name is Khan and I am not....(Running away at the sound of the phrase)".
ab | 7 years ago coming from a person whose country has most bomb blast in the world says hindustan times.
Critical | 7 years ago | Reply Oh cry me a river... British Muslims are one of the highest percentage of welfare recepients. Even more than the Black immigrants. There are entire families that have lived only on benefits and never worked and they produce more children to get more benefits. In fact Muslims were the highest percentage of welfare fraud cases where they claimed disability to get more. There are more British Muslims fighting for ISIS than the number of Muslims in British army. Have you forgotten the Rotherham,Telford,Oxfordshire scandals? In fact out of 53 child grooming gangs caught in last decade, 51 were Muslim gangs.. The police were told not to file the reports as many prominent Muslim members threatened charges of racism and islamophobia if pursued.In Rotherham alone,1400 girls were abused. What about Operation Trojan Horse? Where the govt funded islamic schools were used to teach terrorism and intolerance to young muslims and were encouraged not to work in order to cripple their welfare system. A school team had to remove Crusaders from their title as Muslims protested that. The Santa Claus was removed from a Birmingham mall due to complaints from Muslims. There are Sharia Patrols in some areas where they threaten any couples holding hands,gay people and any liquor shops . Anjem Choudhary is threatened the Queen to convert to Islam and wear a burqa and convert Buckingham place in a mosque. Had a non Muslim done that in an Islamic country,his entire clan would have been wiped. Muslims have been biting the hand that is feeding them for a long time and they should be happy that the British bull dog isnt biting back yet.
vinsin | 7 years ago That is called Jizya or welfare Jihad, that is legal in Islam. Slavery is legal is Islam. You didnt get it author is demanding freedom of religion. You are lucky that Muslims are not demanding partition.
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