Butt, where is the shame?

How dare Salman Butt give his "expert" views about the World Cup on TV? Hasn't he caused enough drama already?

Atika Rehman February 17, 2011
“I am not playing in the event, I thought it was worth participating as an expert,” said Salman Butt when he was asked to comment on his recent decision to appear as a cricket commentator for the World Cup on a local news channel.

I am outraged at his decision, and my anger is the result of a bruised cricket-loving ego.

Salman Butt lost the right to associate himself with cricket the day the ICC proved him a liar and cheater. His cockiness regarding the matter is appalling; it’s almost like he’s telling the world “they were just no-balls, it’s not a big deal.”

Let’s leave the question of the legality of his decision aside; this will be determined by the ICC which is currently verifying whether or not Butt’s decision has breached its terms.

When the players were exposed and their central contracts were suspended, I was holding firmly onto the adage “they are innocent till they are proven guilty.” The ICC tribunal proved their guilt, and the judgment that has been published online for the world to see screams one fact: Salman Butt is guilty. He conspired with Amir, Asif and Mazhar Majeed to have those no balls bowled and made money off the deal. He cheated.

And after all the deceit, he has the nerve to appear on a news channel and give his “expert” views on a sport that he has shamed?

When Hanse Cronje was questioned for match-fixing, he admitted that had not been “entirely honest” about taking bribes, and confessed that he had accepted money to fix matches.

Butt, on the other hand, continues to deny his guilt, and may do so till he goes blue in the face. When the verdict was announced, he expressed “disappointment” about the ban and “unfair” trial, and vowed to appeal to the ICC to reduce the punishment.

I don’t want to know what Butt has to say about cricket, unless he apologises to the world for being a liar and cheater. What qualifies him as an expert? An expert on under the table deals; on disgracing a nation or being so thick-skinned that he will not stop at anything for some quick, easy money?

The news channel that has signed this contract with him has shown that it is a forum where liars and cheaters will be entertained. If the deal does go through, I sincerely hope the hosts take live calls. I have many questions for the shameless cricket expert.
Atika Rehman
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Ahsan Khan | 12 years ago | Reply This person has no right to represent Pakistan who brought a terrible name to the sport and an even worse it shattered the image of our national sportsmen (as if mr 10% havnt ruined our national rep already). I hope he (and the others) gets convicted and gets 10yrs of hard labour.
Abdul Rahman Khan | 13 years ago | Reply Hope the ICC whose Haroon Logart has already taken notice of will take serious view and punish the disgraced cricketer on top of his trial he is facing for spot fixing. His punishment for 'expert' comments should run consecutively.
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