A dummy’s guide to morality in Pakistan

The men get the glory and women get all the shame - here is Pakistani morality in a nutshell.

Aruna Hussain January 30, 2011
Like everyone else, friends on my e-mail group became very active while discussing the recent media hype about Veena Malik.

While the opinions came from a diverse group of people, one irritated friend questioned why people can't seem to follow basic 'Pakistani moral standards'. Reproduced below are the top 10 rules on Pakistani moral values that came out as actually being followed in modern day Pakistan:
Pakistani moral values 101: Top 10 rules

If a Pakistani man dates more than one woman, he is a Casanova. If a Pakistani woman dates more than one man, she is a “loose woman”.
If a Pakistani cricketer dances with Indian starlets on stage in India, he is entertaining. If a Pakistani actress dances on an Indian show, she is a cheapskate.
If a Pakistani man marries a foreigner, he is a hero. If a Pakistani woman marries a foreigner, she is “shameless”.
If a senior male at the office is divorced or single, he is an eligible bachelor. If a woman at the workplace is divorced or single she must be a corporate b****.
If a man shoots a dance video with scantily-clad women, he is being stylish. If a woman makes a similar dance video, she is promoting vulgarity.
If a male minister hugs a foreign official he is maintaining etiquette.

If a female minister hugs a foreign official, she deserves a fatwa and the boot.
If a man (especially if he is a cricketer) gets embroiled in a false marriage scandal, he is an innocent victim. If a woman gets embroiled in a similar scandal she deserves to be hounded and made fun of.
If a man chooses whom he will marry,  he is excising his right. If a woman chooses her husband, she is a characterless kari.
If a Pakistani man wears shorts on TV for a game, his religious beliefs will not be questioned. If a woman wears shorts on TV, it is equivalent to sacrilege.
If a male director makes sleazy movies casting his heroines as hip-thrusting prostitutes, it is considered “fantasy” - please sit back and enjoy the cheap thrills. If an actress on a TV show as much as sits next to man under a blanket in the freezing cold, she is abusing her culture and it becomes a izzat iman and ghairat issue.

The next time you are unsure of Pakistani moral values, please refer to the above generally-agreed-to guidelines.

If you have more interesting ones to add, feel free to share!
Aruna Hussain A former CEO of a Fortune 200 Denmark-based logistics company operating in Pakistan and Afghanistan. She blogs at http://arunahussain.com.
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