Five songs that stole the show in Coke Studio season 9

Although the season just ended, let’s admit, we cannot wait for season 10.

Kinza Arshad September 27, 2016
It’s safe to say that Coke Studio season nine ended with a lot of hype, grandeur, and lavishness. Similar to its previous seasons, this season was a bag of mixed flavours. Some episodes were brilliant; some were ordinary, while others were below average. Therefore, with a total of seven episodes and 30 songs, here is my pick of the five best creations of the season.

5. Tu Kuja Man Kuja


Artist: Shiraz Uppal and Rafaqat Ali Khan

Music Director: Shiraz Uppal

Shiraz Uppal and Rafaqat Ali created a soulful kalam with a mesmerising chorus – that managed to win my heart. Usually a male duet with similar voice quality fails to deliver, but that was not the case with this kalam. Shiraz Uppal’s alternative style, paired with Rafaqat Ali’s classical style, complemented each other extremely well, despite the odds.

Shiraz UppalPhoto: Coke Studio

Rafaqat Ali KhanPhoto: Coke Studio

4. Uddi Ja 

Episode four

Artist: Mohsin Abbas Haider

Music Director: Jaffer Zaidi

This one was a hit. As we all know, this Sufi kalam took the nation by storm.

Although Mohsin Abbas was one of the more underrated artists of the season, he managed to deliver a song worth mentioning.

For a solo performance to leave an impact, the artist needs to be in full command of his craft, and this command and confidence was not expected from Mohsin Abbas. He owned his song and led a performance that left a great impact on the audience.

Mohsin Abbas HaiderPhoto: Coke Studio

3. Maula e Kull

Episode three

Artist: Abida Parveen

Music Director: Shani Arshad

Abida Parveen has never gone wrong and this is something we continue to witness every time. A master in Sufi and mystic kalams, and with this kalam she proves her worth yet again.

Maula e Kull is Abida Parveen’s solo performance. It’s a slow prayer to God that has managed to enchant the listeners. It starts with minimal music that allows her voice to mesmerise the audience, and then, the music heightens taking the listeners on a journey of passion.

It’s powerful and that’s exactly what Abida Parveen is all about.

Abida ParveenPhoto: Coke Studio

2. Rang


Artist: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Amjad Sabri

Music Director: Shani Arshad

The entire nation was waiting for this performance since the beginning of the season. This kalam moved us as it was Amjad Sabri’s last performance before his sudden and tragic demise, hence it was a reminder of what we have lost.

The commanding duo of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Amjad Sabri performing Amir Khusro’s timeless kalam of Aaj Rang Hai couldn’t have been better. Both are masters of their crafts and created a magical illusion for the audience. They proved what a real qawwali means in today’s world and also, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s voice modulation was appreciated by all, whereas the brilliance of Amjad Sabri was acknowledged, celebrated, and mourned.

Amjad SabriPhoto: Coke Studio

Rahat Fateh Ali KhanPhoto: Coke Studio

1. Paar Chanaa De

Episode four

Artist: Noori and Shilpa Rao

Music Director: Noori

Paar Chanaa De has been unanimously declared as the best by the majority following Coke Studio. Performed by Noori and the talented singer from across the border Shilpa Rao – this song brings together the unusual combination of Shipla’s rough vocals and Noori’s earthy ones. The emotion embedded in the song helped boost its popularity. The lyrics narrate a tragic love story, but the upbeat music makes its unique from the typical tragic love songs.

Ali HamzaPhoto: Screenshot

Shilpa RaoPhoto: Coke Studio

Ali Noor from NooriPhoto: Coke Studio

Although the season just ended, let’s admit, we cannot wait for season 10!
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Arsalan | 7 years ago | Reply Noori over Sabri/Rahat, seriously!!!!!!!!!!!! In what world does that make sense. Rang is the best CS S9, and everyone knows it. What are you playing with us
Hamza Khan | 7 years ago | Reply Unanimously declared best? Wow, speak for everyone, why don't you? Noori over Sabri/Fateh? This is why I don't trust this newspaper and its bloggers.
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