Clothing and accessories that men hate on women

Afsheen Omar June 09, 2010

Women are known to be more conscious of their bodies, and ongoing trends, trying to keep up with the latest ones and claiming to own the ‘first of its kind’ pieces.

Where women try their best to look good with the styles in vogue, men have a completely different point of view regarding fashion.

Asking around, it seems a lot of men (to remain anonymous) highly dislike some of the most popular female fashion trends in the country:

1. The ‘Patiala’ Shalwaar: Inspired by the Baloch style of dressing, this shalwaar requires more than three yards of fabric to be stitched. It gives the lower half of a woman’s body a more voluptuous look, with which a lot of men disagree. The Patiala Shalwaar was considered as one of the biggest hits in Pakistan, when worn with a short length shirt. A lot of men, believe that this just gives an unfinished look, and leaves the viewer confused, and questioning; ‘why so much cloth on just one half of the body?’

2. Poncho styled Kurtas: Worn by every woman, in all possible shapes and sizes, this has to be the most unpopular item of clothing amongst men. One man, upon being asked, said ‘this is just a very modern version of an Abaya (Arab-Styled dresses). Take off the head scarf and add print to the cloth, and voila! We have a poncho ready. I think it covers too much, and honestly shouldn’t be worn by women on the heavier side.’

3. Platform shoes/Wedges: Although these have helped a lot of women in the Asian region (as the average height women is not more than 5’5”), in shooting some kind of level, men think that this is yet another ‘what were they thinking’ item. One man said, ‘My wife walks like a duck when she wears platforms - it might add to her height, but I love her short, rather than her wobbly walk.’

4. The Kurta and Jeans Combo:  ‘East meets West’ fusion has always been the perfect ingredient for the ramp, where every item of clothing always looks good. It’s a different story altogether off the ramp. Most men think that this particular combination is just not tasteful. I once heard a man saying ‘if they think a pair of jeans with a kurta looks good, then, we can expect them to walk out of the house in a tee-shirt and Shalwaar. That’s supposed to gel as well, right?’

5. Color Contact lenses: While most Pakistani women like to sport this vanity item, both occasionally and regularly, men do not like color contact lenses at all. They believe that only the natural eye color can compliment a woman’s skin tone.

6. Fringes and 'Bangs': In the past three years, we have seen the evolution of one particular haircut over and over again. The ‘bangs’ cut frames the face such that it ‘supposedly’ highlights the jaw line, and directs the attention to the eye. Every man, who had been approached for this, has disagreed. One said ‘I can barely look into my girlfriend’s eyes; her hair is practically falling on her face. And she seems to feel the need to run her fingers through it again and again.’ Another man was heard saying ‘I think these hairdressers have been inspired by Waheed Murad. The cut says it all.’

7. Piercings: Nose piercing has always been considered traditional, and a compulsion in a lot of customs. Piercing has taken new turns over the past couple of years; women of all ages have opted for body piercing as well. Navel and tongue piercing being most popular amongst younger girls. When questioned, a lot of men have answered saying that they prefer it if a woman does not pierce a body part, except for the ears. One teenage boy said ‘I hate how girls nowadays like to flaunt their belly piercing. It is disgusting, and gives the wrong impression about a girl’s character.’

8. Scrunches’, Headbands: Men like women that keep their hair clean, and well maintained. And not tied up of course. Most men claimed that women who tie their hair up in ponies seem uptight and over confident. Although, head bands have been the latest in fashion accessories in the past one year, a lot of men said that women don’t look good in them. One said ‘They seem like they are trying to live some part of their toddler hood. Not a fashion for the modern woman, definitely’.

Afsheen Omar Afsheen Omar, is a full time textile designer. She spends her leisure time writing and sketching comics.
The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necassarily reflect the views and policies of the Express Tribune.


mma clothing | 13 years ago | Reply not all men are highly dislike some of the most popular female fashion trends in the country. some of them are go with what's new about fashion just like women.its just all matters of what we think about it.
faryal | 13 years ago | Reply very silly... not based on reality at all.
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