A dirty war: PML-N and MQM take the gloves off!

PML-N's accusations of disorders in the MQM followed up by "Why are you getting hair transplants? To get girls?"

Asad Baig December 30, 2010
The term dirty politics has taken a literal turn and the tension that had been building up for a few days has obviously reached fever pitch.

The PML-N and MQM had a show down in front of the parliament house that saw the parliamentary leaders dragging in each others daughters, wives and sisters in to the brawl.  Accusations of alcoholism were thrown about and in a heated moment we even heard one leader screaming about sex toys found in one PML-N’s top leaders room!

Whoever said politics was boring?

In Pakistani politics at least you have all the elements of a great film.

There is drama, there are plots and sub plots, the agencies are supposedly behind everything and most importantly there are crisp and filmi dialogues. The war of words was initiated yesterday by Chaudhary Nisar. After mentioning Altaf Hussain’s 'wives statement' he hinted towards more dubious things in the bhai's past:
"He was treated for a ‘specific’ disorder from which he hasn’t recovered yet. We could show some parts of the report from the rehabilitation centre."

Of course, MQM’s devotion for its leader is legendary. Enraged party workers struck back with a vengeance.
"Ask waiters at Marriot who has to be taken back home completely drunk in the evenings."

"Why are you getting hair transplants? To get girls?"

I don’t understand why people are shaking their heads, tsking at the way Pakistans politics is digressing.

Shouldn’t we be happy? Isn’t it a positive development?

After all, we are paying them a lot of money. They have failed to govern, to legislate, to improve or progress, and now finally they have found something that can be called a success. Something they are good at. A Utilization. In these times of depression and despair what could be a better purpose than providing entertainment? If we take their words like we take their promises (with a pinch of salt), I swear there cant be anyone better than them at mud slinging and dirt flinging fest.

So bring it on both of you – I anxiously await the proposed debate between MQM and PML-N to materialize. What a great match it will be.

Have fun digging up skeletons, throwing around curses and showing us the real face of our democratic choices.

After all, when the two bare facts about each other in no uncertain terms, maybe the nation will shake itself out of its stupor and see who they have chosen to lead them.
Asad Baig A freelance journalist based in Islamabad. He has worked at various news channels and follows Pakistani politics closely.
The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necassarily reflect the views and policies of the Express Tribune.


Samra | 13 years ago | Reply Dear Zaigham, i also believe that we should look for new leaders, but in actual practice, no one gives space to new leaders. this is due to the fact that we have large illiterate masses in our country. I wish that our country moves towards success.
zaigham | 13 years ago | Reply Dear All what a unretentive nation we are? Like all other events, we have forgotten this as well. You see after creating a stir in the masses they are again friends and we are still oblivious of our core problems/issues. The are actually be fooling the nation and collectively prolonging their regimes. wake up nation wake up Pakistan. Don't remember who are past they did the same. Look forward to new leaders or else import few from abroad. Thanks.
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