A delicious post-workout protein shake that brings out the glow in you!

This easy peasy lemon squeezy protein boost after a workout makes me feel blissfully happy. So bring on the glow!

Sahar Aman May 21, 2016
After a workout this blueberry, lemon and vanilla protein shake is total bliss for glow getters! I started adding lemon and blueberries to my protein shake so had to share the recipe.

I like certain words a lot, for example vitality and bliss. They are my quirky versions of yin and yang, so I suppose in the coming weeks there will be an emphasis on these two things.

I’ve had about one green smoothie so far this year and though I should probably have one or two more, adding loads of greens to my plate albeit in the form of pesto or frittatas is also perfectly fine in my book! In the spirit of glow getting and mindful eating (or being a Sufi foodie), this easy peasy lemon squeezy protein boost after a workout makes me feel blissfully happy. So bring on the glow!

I am okay about working out. I’ve been doing it pretty solidly all last year thanks to ballet classes, but to stay the course in 2016 back in December, I committed to moving my body in someway everyday. It wasn’t always in the form of HIIT workout (because the body needs to rest as well), so on my rest days; it was a walk, some gentle yoga or dance practices for our friend’s engagement. For me working out is about moving my body, not working off calories!

Post workout glow getter shake

If your workouts are in full swing then you probably need to refuel after sweating it out, my go-to is some vegan protein powder and then about half an hour later, depending on what time of the day it is, usually some oatmeal or lunch or dinner that includes sweet potato.

I was late to protein shakes, mostly because I didn’t want to drink something that was full of gunk – it took me a while to find one that I really loved. So whatever protein you have, try to look for one that will actually nourish you! I love the vanilla flavour from Vega Sport Protein, tastes delicious and has lots of plant-based nutrients. This one, is by far my favourite:

This easy peasy lemon squeezy protein boost after a workout makes me feel blissfully happy.Photo:

Lemon, blueberry and vanilla glow getter protein shake


Chilled water – 1 cup

Vanilla protein powder – 1 scoop

Lemon juice – ¼ lemon

Frozen organic blueberries – Generous ¼ cup

Pink Himalayan salt (sea salt) – 1 pinch


1. Add all the ingredients to a blender and blitz until smooth!

2. Serve immediately.

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