Isn't it obvious why we don't need Amir and Asif?

I'm sure there are many cricketers who have taken 50 odd wickets in 14 test matches at age 18 like Amir... right?

Dr Amyn Malyk December 14, 2010
Who needs Mohammad Asif or Mohammad Amir?  What have these two bowlers accomplished, anyway? I'm sure there are many cricketers who have taken 50 odd wickets in 14 test matches at the age of 18 like Amir, although I am unable to name even one right now.

Didn’t we manage to win two ODIs without them, even though we lost the series to South Africa? We managed to keep South Africa in check during the Test series without these players, not letting them win a single test match, never mind that our bowling attack could just bowl them out once. Losing the two T20 matches comprehensively in the series was simply inconsequential. So what if the format is regarded as our forte?

Amir’s destruction of the England batting line up during the recent England tour wasn't special; he took six wickets in an innings, but of course, this is a feat repeated many a times by the Australians, though they haven’t been able to take six wickets in total against England these days.

Asif has fared even worse. He has taken a meager 106 wickets in 23 Test matches with just seven 5-wicket hauls in an innings! His best is a paltry 6 for 41 runs. Not impressive at all.

It’s not like teams these days have good bowlers anyway. Why should we have two of the best around? Making dead pitches where batting line ups amass tons of runs and packing your team with batsmen is the new fad, and we should be doing the same. We shouldn’t worry about our bowling attack. The strategy should be to just pick good batsmen because it’s not like the bowlers win matches anyway. They are just there to be flogged, so nearly anyone can do the job.

These players have been accused of a grave crime by the media.  Who needs a court to decide their guilt? The media has become the judge, jury and the executioner around the world of late, especially in Pakistan. So since these two have been convicted by the highest echelon of justice there is, they have no chance of returning.

We should simply forget about them now. Do we really need these two? I don’t think so. Our aim is to remain at the bottom half of the ICC rankings isn’t it? All we need to do is draw Test matches and avoid losses because that way we will still be gaining points.

Where ODIs are concerned, we will still manage to win a few matches here and there and if the cricketing gods are in the mood, we may even win a tournament. That should keep us in the bottom half of the table. Who wants to win consistently when unpredictability is so much more fun?

Given that we have been very successful without them so far, I can safely say that we do not need Amir and Asif.
Dr Amyn Malyk The author is a PhD student at Emory University Rollins School of Public Health. He is a former Fulbright Scholar who likes to write. He tweets as @amynmalik
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Santosh | 13 years ago | Reply Going by many of the comments it looks like "Sarcasm" is not part of the English dictionary published in Pakistan!!!
Javed | 13 years ago | Reply we certainly do need the two AAs. Enjoyed the sarcasm in the article. Well done!
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