The Divergent Series: The birth of an Allegiant leader

It is about a struggle for power and a realisation that the antagonist and protagonist are never truly clear.

Danial Nadeem March 27, 2016
Since the very first Divergent book and then the movie, its fans know well that the story is about five factions of people in the city of Chicago which is surrounded by a wall separating the factions from the outside world. The much awaited third instalment of the Divergent series, Allegiant, finally shows us what is beyond the wall.

Now, there are no factions, and the people of Chicago are divided by their emotions towards the prisoners; unsure whether to be merciful or outraged. The story starts with sheer irony as main characters Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James), who is deathly afraid of heights, are climbing up a building to get a peek of what is on the other side of the wall. However, when the people try to escape Chicago to explore the world beyond their cage, a lockdown goes into effect.

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As one can expect from a post-civil war zone, it is unclear who is in power. At the end of Insurgent (2015), the second instalment, we saw Jeanine die. And at the beginning of Allegiant, her murderer does not come forward, but makes sure plenty of blood is further shed in the name of revenge.

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What’s different about Allegiant is that in the previous movies, there was always one singular war going on within Chicago, and now, there are two happening simultaneously that the audience needs to keep up with.

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This movie is jam-packed with action, relationship drama, betrayal in all forms, fistfights, heart-breaking deaths and bleeding skies. It is about a struggle for power and a realisation that the antagonist and protagonist are never truly clear.

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My favourite part was Tris’ character arc in the entire trilogy. In Divergent (2014) she transforms from an anxious rebellious teen to a fearless fighter, and now in Allegiant, from the brave, free-thinking soldier to a true leader. Indeed, this brings to light my favourite quote from the movie:
“Great leaders don’t seek power; they’re called by necessity.”

They are in power because their people need them.

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