In defence of Qandeel Baloch

She is her own person. Yes, she may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we weren’t made to please everyone.

Maheen Abbas March 11, 2016
I was first exposed to the raw talents of Qandeel Baloch whilst watching an episode of Pakistan Idol. Back then, I was unaware she was such an icon/sex symbol. All I saw was a girl close to my age walk into the audition room and completely botch her audition. After following American Idol for years and expecting all the judges to be Simon Cowell, I felt bad for her and hoped the judges would go easy on her. She seemed like a typical spoilt girl, whose heart seemed to be in the right place.

Her profile on her personal website states that she “not only has the beauty and grace of a model” , she also bears “tremendous acting abilities” and that she is now “making a name with her singing talent.”

Photo: Screenshot

The website also states that she is a “fantastic fashionista” and quite recently has done “a good job in an ARY Reality TV Show”, and the viewers will soon have the “honour of seeing her savvy and totally hot performance on ARY.”

I salute Ms Baloch’s publicity team, they always know exactly how to cover up/“expose” her secrets to the media. Personally, I think they are at par with Kim Kardashian West’s publicity team. When most people have intimate videos/pictures released on the internet, they are absolutely devastated; they don’t know how to face the world. But then there are individuals like Qandeel Baloch, who even though has not released a private video of any sort, does tend to post provocative pictures and videos on her Facebook page, on a daily/ weekly basis.

These videos are just of her telling her fans how much she loves them. Photo: Qandeel Baloch official Facebook page

These videos are just of her telling her fans how much she loves them, or how ill she is at the time of that video, or how much she hates that some people pretend to be her fans but they really are not.




Sometimes I feel Qandeel Baloch doesn’t even need a publicity team, she’d be good on her own. Her videos on their own are enough to reel in massive fans and haters.

It’s a given that social media has a balance of loyalists and bashers, but what exactly are we bashing her for? Some arguments verge on insanity, especially the ones which say she has no decency and no shame. Our moral brigades strike anywhere and everywhere. If she’s indecent according to your standards, don’t watch her videos, unless of course you’re held at gunpoint and have to watch it and pass a remark as well. Is it not just simpler to ignore the things/people that you do not like?

It’s the 21st century; freedom of speech is a right that should be practiced by every individual. I see nothing wrong with her posting videos and pictures on social media, after all that is exactly what social media is all about. She has the right to speak her mind, whether it is on a TV talk show with Mathira, or on her own website.

She is her own person. Yes, she may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we weren’t made to please everyone. While Qandeel Baloch comes off as a spoilt brat on TV, you have to respect her for daring to believe in herself and at least she never fails to amuse.

Most families have one such member in their household too. An individual who believes they are always right, they always know best and they are the most good looking and charming person to ever walk the planet.

Whether it is Qandeel Baloch or Kim Kardashian or our next door neighbour, arrogance is a pet peeve for some, and for these individuals, the best solution is to look the other way when they see something that upsets them.[/fbvideo]

Sure, she may make obscene statements like she will do anything for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) leader, Imran Khan; she would even be his maid. Now obviously she will not actually be his maid, so why make such a big deal out of what she says? If we look at it this way, at least she had the courage to propose to a major political leader. Would any one of us have done that? I mean, we have to give it to her; the girl’s got guts.


Sometimes she deviates from her sultry image and manages to throw in a political opinion on international world leaders, whether it may or may not be taken into consideration is another thing.

This is the same girl that said,
Narendra Modi, you might have become the Indian prime minister, but your mentality still remains similar to that of a tea-boy. In fact, it is much more lower than that of a tea-boy’s. India is such a huge country, can’t you leave a little province like Kashmir alone? Why aren’t you letting go of our Kashmir?”


Our society needs to learn to live and let live. Her heart is in the right place. She should not have to be answerable to tens of thousands of haters just because she has the guts to speak her mind.

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Maheen Abbas The author is a psychology major, an avid reader and enjoys keeping up to date with TV shows and movies.
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