Terror attacks: Slippery slope towards a violent society

The enemy within Pakistan has started to permeate the soul of our nation like a malignant tumour.

D Asghar November 11, 2010
Details are still emerging but one thing is certain - another powerful blast has shaken Karachi to its core. People were still in the shock of Abdullah Shah Ghazi blast, a few weeks back, and now this.

As these lines are being written, 15 precious lives have been lost and regretfully, more will probably follow as many are seriously injured. The epicenter of this recent blast was the DIG CID's office. A high profile terrorist was recently captured and the data on that individual is reportedly lost. The terrorists have targeted law enforcement personnel once again, showing the rest of the world that the law of fear supersedes everything.

Those of you who are familiar with the location of this incident, in my home town, will agree that it is one of the many landmarks of the port city. In close proximity you have the prestigious Pearl Continental and Sheraton hotels and my all time favorite paan shops of the city. Throngs of people visit that area even late at night due to these attractions.

The enemy within has struck again

Many may be buried in the rubble but with each incident of this magnitude another thing gets buried. Our hopes to be a nation of civility and order. The law and its supremacy are rocked and blown into pieces by the threads of the lethal explosives.

Something has gone severely wrong with our nation. There is not a single nation on the face of earth, where disagreements and conflicts do not emerge. But there are very few nations who resolve their differences in such a callous manner.

The culture and acceptance of violence has denigrated our society and nation in such a manner that it will be a monumental task to reverse its course. But reversing this course is not an option, but a necessity.

With bloodshed, murder and mayhem all around, the hope for survival as a nation dwindles. The enemy within has started to permeate the soul of our nation, like a malignant tumor. This tumor is growing day by day. Soon there will be nothing left except some memories of Jinnah and his dream of a country called Pakistan.
D Asghar A mortgage-banker by profession who also loves to write.
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Milestogo | 13 years ago | Reply I think it's time for Pakistani intellectuals to be strong and expose themselves to the alternate views of people in othe camp. There is no harm in listening to the othe side. God/Allah will be glad to see that Muslims are enquiring and investigating. Criical thinking is a gift of Allah to the mankind - an Allah wants you to use it.
D. Asghar | 13 years ago | Reply @Naeem Bhai, My apologies for the typos, the statements should be read as: "These idiots raise hollow slogans... " "1400 years so so" "The faith is a moral compass..." Sorry for the typos. Thanks again for your contribution.
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