Five reasons why you should (or should not) watch Bin Roye

Humayun Saeed is no doubt a brilliant actor and I believe he should have been given more screen presence in Bin Roye.

Sadiya Azhar July 14, 2015
Bin Roye’s premiere was held at Nueplex Cinema yesterday and the entire setup was done up beautifully with motiyas (jasmine) used as a pretty backdrop. It was a star studded night, boasting of celebrities from the star cast of Bin Roye Mahira Khan, Humayun Saeed and Armeena Khan along with Behroz Sabzwari, Shehroz Sabzwari and Syra Shehroz who were there to support Javed Shaikh. Bushra Ansari, Imran Abbas, and Angelina Malik also dropped by to show support for the cast and the movie.

Mahira plays the lead role as Saba, while Humayun plays the role of her cousin Irtiza. Javed Shaikh and Zeba Bakhtiar are casted as Mahira’s parents while Armeena is playing Saman, Mahira’s sister.

Here are five reasons why I think you should watch Bin Roye:

1. Mahira Khan

Photo: Facebook page

If you have missed Mahira post-Humsafar, then you’ll surely love this movie. A huge chunk of the movie is focused on Mahira who is projected as an extremely happy and love struck individual.

2. Breath-taking locations and scenic views 

Photo: Facebook page

Photo: Facebook page

From what I have heard, a major part of the movie was shot in Karachi while some of the scenes were also shot in San Francisco. So if you are romantic soul in search of wanderlust, you’d love the movie for the locations and the mesmerising views.

3. Balle Balle is the new London Thumukda

Okay, I know this may come off as a bit exaggerated, but the songs were pretty good. Balle balle stole the show for me, While Maula Maula came in second, because Abida Parveen. Enough said!

4. Support #PakistaniCinema 

Let’s be honest, we all want our entertainment industry to grow and flourish. Since the past two years, Pakistan has witnessed a changing trend in the movie industry. Due to the inception of Khuda Ke Liye, we have been gifted with a new era which will definitely bring the doomed film industry back on its feet.

So if you’re not a fan of either of the stars casted, I’d still urge you to go and watch the movie because we should support Pakistani cinema.

5. Upcoming drama series

Some of you may already know that Bin Roye is the movie adaptation of Farhat Ishtiaq’s novel, Bin Roye Aansoo. So if you’re an avid reader and prefer books over movies and also end up watching movie adaptations of your favourite books, then you should get yourself a ticket.

Also, did I mention that HUM TV is soon going to produce a drama series on the same novel? Yes. You read that right.

Apart from the locations, what I loved most about the movie, were the clothes. The designers in charge for the clothes are Sania Maskatiya, Feeha Jamshed, Elan, Deepak Perwani, Jazib Qamar, Labels and Bonanza.

There are a few things which you’ll notice while watching the movie. Bin Roye, like any other movie, comes with loopholes and imperfections. So here are five reasons not to watch the Lollywood flick:

1. The storyline was abrupt

We all know how difficult it is to do justice to the books, but here we are facing a totally different story. There was a lack of synchronisation in the scenes and everything was abrupt. I like my mango shake and my movies quite blended.

2. The first half of the movie is extremely confusing

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Everyone will be confused in the first half of the movie. Fifty minutes into the movie and you’d still be watching Mahira going gaga over her cousin, Irtiza, who she’s in love with.

3. No clarity

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Humayun is no doubt a brilliant actor and I believe he should have been given more screen presence throughout the movie. Also, Humayun goes abroad for two years and it’s still not clear why he actually went there. ‘It’s good for his career’, is all he said in the movie. No other explanation was given as to why he went abroad. Was it a job offer, did you have to go for studies? What exactly did you go there for?

4. Lack of character development

A little more detail and focus on the characters would have helped in a proper character development. Supporting casts were also given very few dialogues. Oh and who was the guy who accompanied Irtiza to and back from the airport? Still unknown.

5. First half was slow

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The first half of the movie was a little slow. However, the second half of the movie managed to pull up the pace and while some scenes were shot brilliantly, some were hazy.

If I had to rate Bin Roye in each department, it would be,

Music: Four out of five

Eye candy: Four out of five

Direction: Three out of five

Overall: Three out of five

If you are looking to take your family out on Eid, this movie could be one of the options. If you have watched the movie or planning to watch it, do share your feedback.

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Big sister | 7 years ago | Reply Beautiful movie. But Pakistan has to show women as victim.
Big sister | 7 years ago | Reply When it comes to women Pakistan is still 500 years behind from the rest of the world. :(
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