Ode to the Muslims of Burma

Some alive in midst of cries and pleas; most lay stone cold, turned free of pain.

Naeem Ghauri June 04, 2015
I saw some godly men,

In trance they lined and took their turn.

Rose ye all from slumber when,

They’d left in haste, ye houses burned.


Now curse thee men that left this trail,

And woe, in silence, we let it be.

Sans shame we push the coffins nailed,

Sought shade beneath a lifeless tree.


Whose child was it that embraced the seas?

Thy lament seems spent in certain vain.

Some alive in midst of cries and pleas,

Most lay stone cold, turned free of pain.
Naeem Ghauri The author is based in London and is a President and a founder of NetSol Technologies Inc. He is interested in writing about society and social issues pertaining to Muslim children and the minorities. He tweets as @NAEEMGHAURI
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M.USAMA REHMAN | 5 years ago | Reply | Recommend Such hatred, massacre, genocide, annihilation, brutality, burning of Mosques and People alive, and fanaticism against people who have no offence, no crime but the fact that their identity, their existence is denoted by this 6 letter word M-U-S-L-I-M. And what is the reaction of the world?? Criminal silence!!! Why and why now? Why only in this situation??
Ajay Mittal | 5 years ago | Reply | Recommend I hope Rohiyans, as they cry, will remember which specific actions of their in the past has brought them to this stage where nobody sympathizes with them. They were opportunistic, they went against their welcoming hosts, engaged in criminal behavior. So this is what happens to such people...their behavior and attitudes resemble Punjabis in Pakistan..I hope the Pakistani Punjabis will own them and give them shelter/succor.
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