A little prayer for the Pakistan cricket team

May team Pakistan win this ODI series versus a strong and confident competitor, South Africa! We need this win.

Tehreem Mahmood November 05, 2010
After being trashed and slashed by local and international media any team would have been in low spirits.

I don’t know about PCB and its support to our match winning bowlers like Mohammad Aamir. I cannot predict whether or not the ICC will lift the ban from our star players before the World Cup. But it seems now that after a short – unbearable – break, our players are gaining back their confidence.

May team Pakistan win this ODI series versus a strong and full of confidence competitor, South Africa.  Only our support will motivate and encourage these players. I have always supported team Pakistan and will not comment on why ICC will sustain the ban on players accused of spot-fixing.

Our players have enormous potential. If only all of them could perform at the same time will they be able to realize what excellent professional cricketers they are - then let the experts critique them for their performance.

It is amazing how the crowd reacts when Shahid Afridi comes out in the field to bat. No matter how he handles his bat or throws a shot the his fans never get tired of cheering for him. No doubt he has worked hard but his confidence speaks of the support he gets from his homeland.

I hope our team gets back on track asap! I pray that they bring home the big cup!
Tehreem Mahmood A junior copywriter for an advertising agency in Karachi. Tehreem also freelances for South Asia Magazine.
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sabeen khan | 13 years ago | Reply Hey! What was the writer trying to say in here?? The meaning is completely lost my dear ET. Seriously look at the English and the poor construction of thoughts.
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