9 alternative career options for Bilawal Bhutto

A snazzy dresser, Bilawal could easily be a male model; perhaps he may have to thread his eyebrows somewhat.

Omar Quraishi March 10, 2015
Bilawal Bhutto carries the weight of the entire world on his shoulders; he is the scion of the Bhutto dynasty, his vocabulary is limited when it comes to the people he wants to lead and, if reports are to be believed, he has some daddy issues.

We sympathise with the young and determined leader, and decided to suggest some alternate career options just in case he isn’t cut out for a political career.

1. Social media consultant – especially given that he is quite active on Twitter and has caused many a controversy on the medium with his acerbic tweets.

Design: Aamir Khan

2. Male model – a snazzy dresser, Bilawal could easily be a male model; perhaps he may have to thread his eyebrows somewhat.

Design: Aamir Khan

3. Desi Superman

Design: Aamir Khan

4. Come in an advertisement for Binaca toothpaste

Design: Aamir Khan

5. Go back to being a full-time student at his alma mater, Oxford

Design: Aamir Khan

6. Baby products brand ambassador

Design: Aamir Khan

7. Become a newsreader for PTV

Design: Aamir Khan

8. Become a speech and debates coach for a university/college

Design: Aamir Khan

9. Act in a Bollywood film – complete with a shaadi ka ganay wala scene

Design: Aamir Khan
Omar Quraishi
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citizen | 5 years ago | Reply | Recommend this was hilarious ! thumbs up ! esp with all the accompanying drawings :)
hz | 5 years ago | Reply | Recommend the drawings are great!
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