16 photos that prove India and Pakistan are just the same

Conflict isn’t the only thing common to us. We are like neighbours who quarrel but always have each other’s back.

Swetambara Chaudhary February 28, 2015
Conflict isn’t the only thing common to India and Pakistan. We are just like neighbours who might quarrel but always have each other’s back.

We are like neighbours who may not be too happy with the noisy parties the other throws but who would still like to be a part of each other’s happiness.

This article is an attempt to focus on the everyday, the little things which unite us as a people.

Forgive me if I come across as stating the obvious. But sometimes, the best of us tend to forget the obvious. And then it’s always good to remember, and to remind.

1. We believe in one God

No matter what side of the boundary one stands on, one can feel the power of faith. However, spirituality for us is more than religion. It is humanity and compassion.

2. You can’t tell the landscape of one from the other at times

Rocky, steep mountains which stand tall amidst azure streams, upon which frothy white clouds breathe, are a common sight in both countries. A visual treat fit for a traveller’s dreams.

 3. We know our real wealth lies in the luscious, green lands

Though technological advancements have touched our lives, we continue to worship the land which sustains us. Such is the beauty of our fields that a stroll through the green countryside can drive away the worst worries from one’s life.

4. Cricket is not just a sport for us

The sport is a major issue of contention between our countries. But doesn’t our shared love for cricket bring us closer?

5. Our trucks can put the ‘Pimp My Ride’ team to shame

From couplets to wisecracks, anything and everything can be spotted adorning the trucks on the road. The splash of colour is proof of our ingenuity and affinity for art.

6. We love to shake a leg

Many a times, what can’t be expressed through words, is better expressed through actions. And dance is the most tasteful collection of gestures. Both India and Pakistan have been blessed with varied dance forms which are beautiful, scintillating and amazingly expressive.

 7. Our voices are not drowned out in the streets

Meandering through the streets, one can come across the varied expressions of identity that the people indulge in. What meets the eye is a voice which is slowly, but surely building an identity.

8. A mother is just as indulgent on both sides of the border

They say that no one can love like a mother. And all mothers are capable of showering their children with their selfless love, no matter where they belong. This love can warm any person’s heart, no matter which side of the border they stand on.

 9. Tragedy has visited us uninvited

Sorrow knows no name, no creed. Both the countries and their citizens have had to face several tragedies. Earthquakes, floods, terrorist attacks are instances which have seen the countries and their citizens stand together.

10. Selflessly serving the country is duty for us

A soldier, be it from India or Pakistan, chooses the needs of the country over him/herself. And in return asks for nothing.

11. Our marketplaces are a reflection of our colourful lives

We don’t really know how to live without colours. Our clothes, houses, cuisines - all reflect our love for colours. After all they break the monotony of life and bring in a breath of fresh air.

12. Our plate carries more than just food

Food is an art for us, an art which has been crafted over the years with great precision in both the countries. And we like to appreciate this art whole-heartedly!

 13. Tea spells comfort for us

Nothing is more invigorating for our senses than a whiff of hot tea. It is our favoured beverage when sharing anecdotes about life or even when we are too tired to speak.

14. The light of music shines bright in both the countries

Music is not just a part of our lives but is an indispensable part of our lives. From prayers to love songs to celebrations, music gives expression to all.

15. We take great pride in our past

Yes, what is gone is gone to never return. But the beautiful memories, the achievements and the stories that our past has bequeathed us with, is something we are proud of.

16. We abhor violence

We know very well that there are no winners in a war. So, all we hope for is peace and freedom from terrorism and all kinds of violence.

Still not convinced?

If you think you can figure out the difference between India and Pakistan, try doing it on the Android app - India Or Pakistan built by social initiative India Loves Pakistan. Difficult right?

Whether you guess right or wrong, you will have seen more of both countries. And that will hopefully help us realize how our dreams, our ambitions, our prayers and our passions are alike.

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Swetambara Chaudhary A writer at ScoopWhoop and a keen traveller. She tweets @swetambara (https://twitter.com/swetambara)
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