Mews Cafe: An aesthetically delightful experience

Advertised as a hearty and wholesome café, Mews has yet to disappoint me even after two visits.

J S February 28, 2015
Mews is one of Karachi’s newest and emerging cafés. Having had the opportunity to visit Mews prior to its opening, I was eager to go back and see what changes had been made to the café.

Photo: Mushal Zaman

Even though quite a few people have given negative reviews about Mews on Karachi Food Diary, regarding the service, reservation ordeals and exorbitant prices, I was eager to visit it again.

Advertised as a hearty and wholesome restaurant, Mews has yet to disappoint me even after two visits. They have lived up to their self-proclamations. Driving by and seeing how busy Mews has been since it opened its doors to the public a few weeks back, we were doubtful we’d get a table. But luckily, we were granted the opportunity one fine Wednesday.

The first time we visited Mews was as a large group; we were given the opportunity of sampling many different items on the upcoming menu, prior to the café’s official opening. When we returned on Wednesday for lunch, as a smaller party of two, we were eager to try something that we had not already sampled previously.

Fortunately, they were able to seat us immediately. The staff at Mews was all very friendly, prompt, and professional – contrary to the reviews the place received on social media.

Photo: Mushal Zaman

Having tried many of the breakfast items the first time we visited, we decided upon sampling something from the lunch menu. Initially, selecting the kimchi and beef wrap, we found out that it was, unfortunately, unavailable. Oh well, next time!

We were in the mood for something healthy yet tasty with good ingredients, and also something that would be easy to share. We opted for the open-faced salmon sandwich and the Korean beef bowl along with fresh lime as a beverage.

Open-faced salmon sandwich. Photo: Mushal Zaman

The salmon sandwich was perfect; light with great flavor and tasted quite fresh as well. However, in our opinion, the portion was too small. Nonetheless, it was a tasty and refreshing sandwich. I would consider reordering this dish again.

Because of my weak spot for Korean food, the Korean beef bowl initially caught my attention. I was expecting a dish similar to the Korean meal bibimbap, which is a mix of fresh vegetables, rice, and hot pepper paste, served with a fried egg on top. But we were served something more similar to the Korean dish bulgogi, a marinated and grilled beef dish.

Korean beef bowl. Photo: Mushal Zaman

Whichever Korean dish I equate with Mews’s Korean beef bowl, it would not matter because either way it was delicious. The beef was full of flavour and cooked to perfection. The fried egg on top was a great touch. I would recommend the Korean beef bowl to anyone who attends Mews.

Mews also has a diverse menu offering healthy and hearty food. There is surely something for everyone’s palate. I have already sought out what I will order the next time I go to Mews: the black quinoa salad.

Considering the bad reviews the restaurant has been receiving, especially regarding getting a table and lack of quality consistency, I asked a friend about her experience. She told me that they too managed to get a table even though it was completely booked. They ordered the no fuss burger, hot stuff flat bread, Korean beef bowl and the triple chocolate cookie as dessert.

She said that the hot stuff flat bread was enjoyed by everyone. A delicious sauce along with melting cheese and a delectable crust, it was devoured within minutes. The no fuss burger had a  juicy meat patty and the burger bun was fresh and soft, though the best part about it was the crunchy fries served with it.

Hot stuff flat bread. Photo: Mushal Zaman

No Fuss burger. Photo: Mushal Zaman

Their favourite course was the dessert, the triple chocolate cookie; a warm chocolate brownie mixed with cookies served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Triple chocolate cookie dessert. Photo: Mushal Zaman

Their only concern was that the menu seemed to be limited and there was not enough lighting where they were seated. Though overall, they had an enjoyable experience.

In addition to offering a well-rounded menu, according to me, I applaud the owners at Mews for their décor and attention to the smaller details that tied everything together. We sat in the first dining room filled with windows and the room was lit up with sunlight.

Everything at Mews, both inside and outside, fits and flows perfectly, offering a very aesthetically pleasing interior and exterior.

This made the overall experience even more warm and welcoming. I look forward to my next visit already.
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US CENTCOM | 5 years ago | Reply | Recommend I think I would be interested in checking it out. The place seems to offer something different and the decor is quite interesting. Ali Khan Digital Engagement Team, USCENTCOM
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