NEFER: Fabulous handbags, fabulously Pakistani!

In the age of mass-produced goods, it takes a bit of an effort to be unique and NEFER adds that breath of fresh air.

Farwa Aamer January 13, 2015
I am all for entrepreneurship. Be it any field, I have a great sense of respect for whoever decides to venture into the field and willingly commits to the several pressures and demands innate to the entire prospect. As a nation we have had our fair share of notorious leadership, misguided groups and tragedies, with a few to thank.

We have also hit the rock bottom at various times, yet I have not given up on the Pakistani youth. Being a part of the generation myself, I am extremely proud of what we are capable of achieving. From the business sector to the fashion industry we have had some remarkable work to our credit and particularly from the budding entrepreneurs many of whom have emerged to be internationally acclaimed.

The Aamani handbag. Photo: Facebook page

Recently, I was introduced to one such creative initiative, NEFER. The moment I set my eyes on the ethereal looking range of leather bags by NEFER, I knew this one is to watch out for. I am not a fashion blogger per se, but I am really fond of bags (a hoarder of sorts) and what could be more appealing to the one with such a weakness than bags with not only aesthetic fabulousness but also just the level of quality that one seeks. In the age of mass-produced goods, it takes a bit of an effort to be unique and NEFER adds that breath of fresh air into the otherwise contemporary market.

The Reporter bag. Photo: Facebook page

Having had the good fortune of speaking with Nefer Sehgal, the genius behind the exquisite line, I received an insight into how the initiative took off.  The designer claims to have fallen in love with the idea during her many travels to Spain, Switzerland, and the Big Apple where she also received her education. Seeking inspiration from the upmarket Michael Kors and Tom Ford, the designer wished to make available a more affordable and compact collection for ladies with an eye for detail. Previously she had been designing bags and leather jackets for her personal use and for friends but once she was sure of her business vision, she set off on a journey that many might feel reluctant to undertake.

Modeled by Rubya Chaudhry. Photo: Kashif Rashid/ Facebook page

Beating the odds, NEFER now boasts seven lovable designs and each has a degree of personalisation that makes it all the more attractive. The bags are not your usual totes and satchels, but each has been named after a woman who proved to be an inspiration to the designer, namely the Saba, the Elena and the Aamani handbags. Crafted in genuine leather and under keen supervision, the range is aimed at the modern age girl, one who strikes the perfect balance between work, home and social life, and so the bold, utterly sophisticated bags aim to convey just that attitude. The designs lured me in the first time I spotted them; the subtle yet meticulous details, fine skin and staying true to their shape without wiggling around too much like some inferior versions being made available at impossible prices.

The Saba bag. Photo: Facebook page

Currently with 69 handcrafted pieces revolving around the set favourite colour palette, NEFER promises to continue wooing the ladies with added versatility and quintessential designs in the future. The bags fall in the price range of Rs7000 to Rs10,500 and are sold via the brand’s Facebook page NEFER.

It is a known fact that other competing brands and fresh ideas exist in the market, but with the way NEFER has garnered attention in such a brief space of time justifies its durability, beauty and timelessness. Moreover, the prices aren’t as nerve-wracking as most leather bags of similar quality hence it has become my recent favourite.

The Aamani bag. Photo: Facebook page

Nefer Sehgal assures to offer another brilliant collection by the February of 2015. It’s a brand I, and I am sure many others, truly believe in it not only for its commercial reputation, but also the entrepreneurial struggle that has been invested into its success.

Initiatives like this not only reflect the capability and determination of our generation but also symbolise women empowerment. The designer joins the league of all our brilliant female Pakistani achievers and set an example for the ones in the making. I can see a success story spinning – one that will encourage many to believe in their dreams. Even if it means starting from scratch or going along with that figment of ambition within, as long as honesty, motivation and diligence is your drug, dreams will shape into reality.

Take my word for it.
Farwa Aamer A final year undergraduate at University College London studying BSc economics. A passionate writer, traveller and loves living life. She tweets @faamer (
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