Our little heroine

She's been vilified and hated, by the experts of today, who can't level their shelves, with her list of accolades...

Hamza Asad December 04, 2014
She stings when she speaks,

And she speaks like no other,

She has sharp features,

And she taunts like my mother.


In a land like Pakistan,

She enjoys the Indian summer,

She reminds me of that chicken,

From the cartoon, Road Runner.


She’s our proverbial grandma,

Whom we don’t have to teach,

Even though we still judge,

How she speaks for her deeds.


She’s the best of the best,

At the practice of peace,

Known as “little heroine”,

Since the good old eighties!


Not in popularity contest,

She rose to prominence;

She had nerves to fight dictators,

Questioning the Hudood Ordinance!


She’s been beaten, tear gassed,

And at one time house-arrested,

For the rights of our minorities,

She has always protested!


She’s been vilified and hated,

By the experts of today,

Who can’t level their shelves,

With her list of accolades!


This was about Asma Jahangir,

The former President of the Bar Association,

The greatest activist of our divided nation,

Where winning becomes irrelevant

If you win the burger crowd,

And yet hate crime against the sensible

Will be always heard loud.
Hamza Asad A 4th year MBBS student and author of "The Student Diaries" - A Collection of Poems who resides inPeshawar. He tweets @Cyrus92onwards (https://twitter.com/Cyrus92onwards)
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goldigger | 5 years ago | Reply | Recommend She's one of the bravehearted women of Pakistan..its sad that the males who look at her with such spite and vengeful eyes are the ones who are coward within their souls.
Maximus Decimus Meridius | 5 years ago | Reply | Recommend I have edited my original comment now. ty
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