The Why Chromosome

You should not rape them as a spouse; nor in a house; Not on a bus, nor by a tree; oh Rape-y men, just leave them be!

Hamza Hayauddin November 25, 2014
When speaking to a friend of mine on how to treat a lady,

I was fairly shocked to find that he hadn’t a clue, really. 

There seems to be confusion – a dearth of clear ground rules.

When it comes to women, here’s what you should and shouldn’t do.


You should not stare as she walks past, or call her as a cat;

Regardless of how she’s dressed, or if she’s thin or fat.

Do not undress them with your eyes. Bite your cheap retorts.

It’s really no business of yours, if she’s wearing shorts.

“She should have worn more modest clothes to avoid catcalls.”

Instead, perhaps the men should try to not harass at all.


Who are you to decide the treatment they deserve?

Or if they’re worthy of respect? You really have some nerve.

Their bodies are not yours to ogle, keep your gaze averted.

Keep your thoughts to yourself, doubly so if perverted.

Lusting’s under your control, as are your desires.

Overcome that impulse, it’s what decency requires.


You should not rape a woman, for the crimes done by her kin.

Or if she marries out of choice, free will is not a sin.

You should not rape a woman, for dancing in the rain.

Or because you somehow think that she has brought you shame.

You should not rape them as revenge; you should not rape them as a friend.

You should not rape them as a spouse; nor in a house, or thereabouts;

Nor to act superior – you should not rape them, period.

Not on a bus, nor by a tree; oh Rape-y men, just leave them be!


On the topic of violence, do not hit them either.

Just imagine how you’d feel if your mum was the receiver.

You should not strike her out of spite, or if she’s caused you angst.

Or for clapping at a wedding, or if you don’t like her pants.


I’ve often heard culture is the people’s reflection.

If that’s so, then how come nobody’s asked this question:

How do people use religion to justify their acts?

The Quranic text that I have read does not support those facts.

Islam was once the pinnacle of granting women rights,

How did we forfeit that title with nary a fight?


You should not blame the victim, claim she deserved her fate.

Unless you’re with the CII; since they think that’s okay.

Because it’s common knowledge – an X-chromosome is haram.

And having one naturally precludes you from Islam.

So this morning, take a moment, be honest with yourself.

How can you become an ally? The world needs your help.


The next time she imparts your temper, maybe stay your hand?

Not catcalling or staring doesn’t make you a lesser man

So treat a woman with respect this November 25th.

Then repeat that every day, for as long as you live.
Hamza Hayauddin A poet, doodler, dreamer, rugger.
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Samar | 5 years ago | Reply | Recommend This is reallyyyy GOOD!
Samar | 5 years ago | Reply | Recommend This is reallyyyy GOOD!
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