#HeForShe will not make you any less of a man

Feminism has become synonymous to man-hating. Such one dimensional thinking is criminally wrong and affects both sexes

Iqbal Mirza September 28, 2014
In an era where celebrities predominantly exercise an almost magnetic influence over their fan base to promote products and virtually dictate the way the populous dresses or behaves, it becomes exceedingly rare to see an individual stand up and talk about a pertinent issue.

Emma Watson, an actress known mostly for her performance in the Harry Potter series, showed how celebrity power can be used in a positive way. Speaking before a UN conference, Watson kick started her ‘HeForShe’ campaign, a movement which aims to achieve gender equality by including men in the fight against female oppression. Although as a race, we have made giant strides towards gender equality, in many parts of the globe this remains an ever-present problem.

Take Pakistan for example. The amount of women, who report rape cases or even domestic violence cases for that matter, is at an abysmal low. This is due to a culmination of many reasons.

At the forefront is the general attitude of society. Particularly in low income areas, the prosecution of rape in most cases is non-existent. This is due to the police and the community not taking pragmatic steps to ward off crimes against women, with most dismissed by the police force. Only recently, a teenage girl doused herself in flames after the local police department refused to investigate her claims that she was a victim of sexual assault.

Watson highlighted how the issue of gender inequality is relatable to both the sexes and is not only an issue for women. Domestic violence in which men are the victims is swept under the carpet as well, with the victims of assault made to feel ‘less manly’.

Over the years, feminism has become synonymous to man-hating, with the general consensus painting a feminist as an egotistical, self-centred woman who blames every problem she faces on the opposite sex.

Such one dimensional thinking is criminally wrong, as at its core feminism fights towards social and political equality between both the sexes; it doesn’t aim to make one gender superior to the other. This is what the #HeForShe campaign aims to inculcate and only through realistic steps can the misconceptions on both sides be eradicated. The campaign, which is in process, hopes to receive support from a 100,000 people who would include a 100 other men and boys in the dialogue of gender equality.

So far, the campaign has received support from various Hollywood celebrities.


Even Prince Harry showed his support for the campaign.

The movement in itself is an extremely wise way to go about such a sensitive issue, as instead of viewing the concept of feminism and gender equality as a problem only important to women, it highlights how the participation of men is vital to its success. As humans, we have followed the teachings of the times hundreds of years before ours for too long. It’s time to stand up for an issue which affects all of us on a personal level.

For example, why should we judge and label women on the length of their dress? Why the influence of a father is exponentially diminished in the eyes of society? It is unjust for a society to assign markers and judgements on an individual merely due to his/her sex.

Depression and suicide is on a steep incline in our country. Men who are expected to be invincible to any sort of emotion find it exceedingly hard to relate their vulnerability. This causes scores of men to commit suicide, merely because they feel ashamed to go in the opposite direction to the role that the society expects of them. It is time we sign off to the expected ideals of masculinity prevalent in the 50s and work together as civilised humans.

We have a treasure trove of talent in our country and exploiting it in its totality is crucial for a better Pakistan. It is thus counterproductive to force young girls to stay at home, slaving over dinner, while their brothers go out and receive an education. We need to educate our children for a brighter tomorrow; oppression and inequality needs to be weeded out from the grassroots.

Hence, it is refreshing to see a celebrity raise an important issue, an issue which affects both males and females. Believing in equal opportunity for men and women does not make you a “Feminazi” nor does it make you any less of a man. It makes you human.
Iqbal Mirza He is an amateur writer from Lahore, who loves football, reading and self-promotion. He tweets @iqbalmirza2 (https://twitter.com/IqbalMirza2)
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Saad | 5 years ago | Reply | Recommend It's feminism, not humanism, it he FOR she, not he AND she. Use your head, this isn't about equality but focus on one particular gender.
Hameedullah | 5 years ago Atleast follow your own advice. Feminism seeks gender equality. Which ofcourse includes men. While "he for she" is a campaign which invites men to participate in the struggle. Its a "part" of feminist movement.
Nobody | 5 years ago Feminism is also about humanism. Many women and men recognize that patriarchy is as insulting to men as it is restrictive to women, because it implies men are one dimensional, shallow and insecure man-childs, which I, and many others, don't believe to be true. This particular branch of the movement may be woman focused, but that doesn't mean it's anti-male. It's simply trying to level the playing field. Cheers.
Maryam | 5 years ago It isn't he AND she because the male population does not need a struggle for equal rights as they already have rights the world being a patriarchal one.
Arshman | 5 years ago | Reply | Recommend Nice article, worthy cause. Waiting for the pointlessly rude and pessimistic comments. LOL
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