(Un)quotable quotes from Pakistan's best

Politicians are supposed to be good orators, but their bloopers keep us entertained year-round in Pakistan.

Tanzeel Ahmad October 21, 2010
They’re supposed to be good orators, but our orators just can’t avoid bloopers.

It’s only after they have made statements in front of the media that politicians realize what blunders they have made.

Often, they end up saying something vague which can be easily distorted.

The “official statement” from their party, blaming the media for misquoting their noble thoughts, quickly comes to their rescue.  Sometimes, they wash their hands of the whole affair by refusing to acknowledge 'misquotations' as their own.

More often than not, politicians intentionally issue statements to stir controversy, which ends with promises not to continue the war of words. This tactic is also used to divert public attention from more pressing issues.

Below are few golden quotations from our elected leaders. These quotes are memorable not because they were powerful, but simply because they sounded hilarious coming out of politcians’ mouths. Living in an entertainment-starved country like Pakistan, the media gives maximum attention to crazy statements and leaves the nation amused until another quote pops up.

  • We in the PML-N opposed Musharraf’s policies and rejected dictation from abroad. If the Taliban are also fighting for the same cause, then they should not carry out acts of terror in Punjab. Punjab Chief Minister, Shahbaz Sharif

  • You must understand the environment in Pakistan. This has become a moneymaking concern. A lot of people say if you want to go abroad and get a visa for Canada or citizenship and be a millionaire, get yourself raped. Former President General Pervez Musharraf

  • I apologise to the departed soul of the Sikh ruler (Ranjit Singh), for frequently quoting his name in meetings for the wrong reasons. I was wrong. Ranjit (Singh) was a great administrator of Punjab. Leader of Opposition, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan

  • Look, you will soon see Shaukat Aziz ditching General Musharraf and joining the political leadership of the opposition parties. Chief, PML N, Nawaz Sharif

  • How did a person, who used to sell tickets at the Bambino cinema in Karachi, reach the Surrey Palace and became richer than Queen Elizabeth before his ascendancy to the presidency? It is a million-dollar question that only the PPP top leader has to answer. Spokesman Pakistan Muslim League N, Siddiqul Farooq

Tanzeel Ahmad A UAE based marketing professional who is interested in politics and cultural issues. He blogs at www.tanzeel.wordpress.com
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Muhammad Adnan Khan Qadri | 13 years ago | Reply Great Work, collecting all those quotes.
dan | 13 years ago | Reply tanzeel.... you forgot the "degree" comment that balochistan minister gave...that was the best one of the season
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