Thinking of buying the Apple Watch? Think again!

I was impressed beyond belief, so much so that I was actually stunned at the level to which technology had reached.

Myra Mitha September 14, 2014
While watching the Apple product launch live-stream at 3am in the morning, I was honestly really impressed with the new Apple Watch. As an Android user, I didn’t really care much for the ‘innovative’ new iPhone with its bigger screen (which my HTC already possesses). But yes, the Apple Watch struck me.

Not so much at first though, because the square design seemed a bit too antique for me. However, with the unveiling of numerous different kinds of straps for the watch, its beautiful design, the features it offered you, and its nifty ‘clock faces’, as well as the clever way of communicating with others, I was impressed beyond belief, so much so that I actually felt intimidated and was stunned at the level to which technology had now reached.

Tim Cook announces the launch of the Apple Watch. Photo: AFP

So yes, I wanted to buy it… that is, until I saw the price and began thinking about everything listed below.


Launching in the US at $349, it’s difficult for me to believe how a person earning an average salary will be able to afford such an extravagantly priced watch. And when it comes to Pakistan, it’s probably going to cost a lot more than just $349. You can count on that.

Only iPhone users can use it

Yes, you read that right. The only way you can use an Apple Watch is if you already own an iPhone, since all those nifty features of the watch are only accessible when it is connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth. Without it, the watch is rendered useless.

So, what if someone is interested in buying the watch, but prefers their phone to be an Android? Are we expected to add the price of a new iPhone on top of that of the Apple Watch?

iPhone battery life

Since we’re aware that the watch’s features are only enabled when connected to an iPhone via Bluetooth, wouldn’t that just be another one of the many ways in which your iPhone is going to drain in battery? iPhones already barely make it throughout the day without a charger, with this new feature are we supposed to carry a power bank with us at all times in order to charge our iPhone’s battery, if we want to use the watch?

The iPhone 6 and Apple Watch. Photo: AFP

Apple Watch battery life

If you forget to charge your watch before leaving the house and it drains in battery, and if you’re like me, that is, the kind of person who looks at a watch as a necessity… what are you going to do? The only other solution I can think of is carrying a normal watch around with you at all times, in case the Apple Watch dies.

So what, exactly, is the use of owning an Apple Watch then?

What’s the need?

Because honestly, let’s just take a second to think about this… why would you ever even want to look at your pictures or use your watch for directions on an approximately one-inch-long screen? Since you’re already going to have an iPhone, in order to use the watch, why not just stick to the phone and ditch the watch? You’ll already have all the watch’s features in your phone, so what’s the need?

The phone will be much easier and convenient to use than having to connect your watch to your iPhone first and then go on to use its features.

Will it survive in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, if you wear this watch while you’re out of your house, it would just be an invitation for muggers to come and rob you. Even in a place like Malaysia, where I currently reside, I would never feel comfortable wearing the Apple Watch outside on the streets, since it would require me to be extra cautious at all times.

There are countless more reasons that need to be thought over before splurging on this new invention by Apple. Do you really need another gadget which has to be charged before leaving the house? Do you really need another gadget to distract you from your priorities, since it would be buzzing on your wrist every two minutes from incoming messages and the likes?

When it comes to Apple, I think one’s motto should be “think before you splurge”. Because, surely, some things may have the wow factor but are they actually useful? And, more importantly, are they worth your money?
Myra Mitha
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alicia | 5 years ago | Reply | Recommend We are not still sure what exactly is coming from apple , lets hope for the best, certainly a new industry is opening for Apple developers.
Tariq | 5 years ago | Reply | Recommend The frivolous nature of ur assertion does not merit a response.
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