The Burberry that stole my heart

There it was, in the window display of Selfridges - my dream jacket. I didn't buy it, but I still haven't got over it.

Maira Pagganwala October 21, 2010
Walking in the streets of London a month and a half ago, Q and I decided to eat at Wagamama’s. After devouring the chicken katsu, I miraculously managed to convince him to take the side street with me and head to Oxford instead of back home, like he had hoped. It was while we were walking past Selfridges that I fell in love!

I stopped dead in my tracks, much to Q’s puzzlement.

“Handbag…dangling from her arm, cell phone…in her hand, sunglasses…on her head”, he quickly did a mental check. “What, now?”

“Have you left the keys at Wagamama’s?"

When he got no response, he followed my gaze, and much to my disappointment all he muttered was a very unenthusiastic “oh.”

There it was, in the window display of Selfridges, my dream jacket, and in bold letters, it said, “Envy the Burberry Prorsum Aviator Jacket”, and envy-worthy it was!

Honestly, if I could conjure up the perfect jacket, this would be it. If I had unlimited access to funds, I wouldn’t even bother trying it on before buying it! Hell, I’d maybe even go to the extent of buying a fake from China. Ok maybe not, it just wouldn’t be as beautiful.

Q interrupted my lusty thoughts and reminded me that this Burberry beauty would be a waste of money and impractical for Karachi winters. He also reminded me that I was saving up for a bag. He used, what at the time seemed like very logical reasoning, but in retrospect was straight up manipulation – very well done, I must admit for he somehow managed to convince me that the bag had been my dream bag since I was 12, while the jacket I had just met. And although it’s true that the jacket was my newfound love, while the bag and I went quite a long way back, I highly doubt that I’d have known the value of a beautiful hand-crafted leather bag made by one artisan from start to finish, at the mere age of 12. I now realize that I’d fallen victim to Q’s political manoeuvring!

Alas, it’s not a perfect world and I had to make a difficult decision, which resulted in me choosing the bag and leaving my other darling behind. It’s been close to two months since my bitter-sweet decision making, and I’m still not over the Prorsum jacket, which is on my winter wish list.

Anyone feeling generous?
Maira Pagganwala A graduate in International Development and Political Science who went on to study Urban Development Planning. She is also interested in creative writing and fashion.
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Khakhul Kareegar | 13 years ago | Reply Beta, I too once used to be lost in the lust of designer bags, jackets and designer accessories. My life was, as it is yours an aspiration of somebody else's life, those of icons and socialites.Little did I realize, however, how royal I was in my own sense, and how royal I was in the eyes of the people around me. I had nothing but my family name to live up to and I always felt proud of this no matter what. Now when I look at my lumpy thighs and skinny arms, I cant help but smiling at the sight of my chanels or guccis closed in the dibba on my cupboard. Yes,yes, yours truly was a little steal in her time, heehee but now all i have and all i can carry off proudly are my timeless, glittering friends. I know of one such person who wore one of my pieces, purple set in gold around her neck on a very special night; with clothes reinvented to suit her time. It adds a little intrigue when a newly married woman carries off the hush hush's of the entire night eh? no gucci saddle bag or Chopard clutch could do this for me. Because these are the pieces that i will pass on and these are the pieces that were passed on to me. They help transform old battered women like me, who for one last time want to feel a little sparkle of youth again. Chin up!
Ghausia | 13 years ago | Reply I love the comments section of this blog. :D Maira, while it isn't your fault that ET posted this at bad timing, the last line could have been avoided. I know you meant it as a joke, but we don't need to be reminded of how bad things are in terms of money for pretty much everyone. And as for the life & style part, well, it was far too shallow and self-absorbed. A little more about the jacket and less about you would've helped. On the plus side, you write well, and it was still an amusing read so kudos to you, not everyone can write after all. :)
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