Inevitable death?

Ibrahim Hashmi June 24, 2010
Every time you look at the newspaper, you see that there are at least three to four cases of murder and suicide on the front page. We turn to the TV and there are cases of suicide and murder. But we overlook these news items, because we read this sort of news everyday and tend to move on rather easily.

Negligence of these cases on our part is getting worse. A few days back, MNA from PML (Q) Mr Riaz Pirzada gave a remark regarding the increase in the number of suicides in Pakistan on the floor of National Assembly.

He said "We shouldn't interfere in the matters of Allah, every one who came in this world has to die and it does not matter if they die by committing suicide... media is only creating hype in this situation."

Apparently the alarming rise in suicide is not a matter of concern for our elected representatives sitting in the assemblies; they are not concerned if the people who chose them live or die, as it is a matter of nature to decide.

Our elected representatives increase the prices of daily usage items, such as bread and pulses, they impose new taxes on the common man even when they don’t pay taxes themselves and steal the tax money. They use 70 plus cars for protocol under the umbrella of national security and push around the common man who raises his voice when a life is lost every time an ambulance is delayed because of these protocols.

In short, they try their best to make living difficult for the common man and in the end say "Yeh Allah ki marzi hay, hum is may kia kar saktay hain"(It is God's will, what can we do).

One should be brave enough to lead from the front. If they call themselves leaders of the common man, they should behave like one and if they think its Allah's will that commoners commit suicide due to hunger then, they should step down from their seats and leave the country or the day when the public rises against them is not far. Let us not forget the treatment given to  Arbab Ghulam Raheem on the National Assmbley verandah.
Ibrahim Hashmi This medical student and blogger is a patriot. He blogs at 'My Point of View' and tweets as @ibrahimhashmi
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Abdul Hameed Kath | 14 years ago | Reply This is quite painful but thought provoking post by Ibrahim...thanks Ibrahim for an eye opener. Inshaa'Allah, we all are going to witness a great revolution in this country very soon and this will be brought by the youth of this country. There always been a limit to any tyranny and we all see that the time is about to come !!!
Ahmed | 14 years ago | Reply Our leaders are elite. All part of a corrupt system. The system is fruit-laden for all of them. So they will not change the system. Status quo suits them. Riches and more riches! In Pakistan, the common man will continue to die an ignoble death unless we rise and confront the lot.
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