The hunt for honour

Unescorted, alone, trying her best not to be noticed. If only I had an invisibility veil, she thought to herself.

Narjis Mirza June 09, 2014
The sun was up and the air was taking a morning nap.

The streets ran the regular barking commotion,

And cockcrow shrieks were deafening the pedestrians walking by.

The birds crowded the sky as if signalling a warning coming by.

The surrounding racket favoured their hunt so much,

That some even supposed the gods were on their side that day.


Soon, they spotted their prey,

Unescorted, alone, trying her best not to be noticed and mind her way.

If only I had an invisibility veil, she thought to herself.

Praying under her breath on every step to reach home in one piece.


But they were too many, armed with anything strong and blunt

They could grasp off the roads.

For this was an unusual chase,

The authorities were put on guard,

The sun was asked to shine and smile,

The birds had fled the area

And the cemented road was marked.


For this is where she would surrender,

Her honour for yours,

Her dignity for yours,

Her self-respect for yours,

Her everything for yours.


Laid down on the ground like any animal but of course,

She is not to be offered any water or grass, this civility is only for animals alone, instead,
“Strike her hard on the head and chest”, they screamed.

“And keep striking until she rests!”

Honour was celebrated that day,

In the busy and occupied streets of Lahore.

Savages had a treat and cannibals gathered for their share of the meat.

No one will go empty plate today, they sang, for this is a feast for all!
Narjis Mirza
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Narjis | 6 years ago | Reply | Recommend tsk tsk tsk! , sang the crowd
Anonymous | 6 years ago | Reply | Recommend It was hard to read to the end. I don't see or read such makes me wanna grow limbs huge enough to wipe all the filth out... and it makes me crave for it. I can imagine u writing... frequently stressing ur facial muscles, and occasionally feeling pleasure filled with sadness that u r being able to express it to any extent...because she deserve to be spoken for. Sometimes I feel I am a perceptive, who can see through... what people do and why they do it, how they think and why.... But some times it feels I know nothing... I cant imagine how could one ever commit rape, what on earth could push anyone to such a moral degradation!? Even when they do, why do they need to tear a lady apart, does it make them feel good?!!!1 What creature are they and how their mind works? The case that you talked about was about a lady who married without her family'e permission. Does her brothers feel humiliated? Or were they angry that they were not consulted? Did they kill her to avenge their anger?!!! Like...... you just brutally murdered your sister because you were Is that so easy? And does it satisfy them afterwards? Would they have relaxed and enjoyed their afternoon tea, or felt like hitting their heads on the walls? Did they perceive it as their moral duty? What makes them, bury women alive...transacts them, or allow to rape them because their brother committed a sin. Do they have slightest of moral understanding...or do they possess brains filled with shit. Morality is something, its real, isnt it? Or am I deluded who knows nothing about reality? And why do people eat from the taxes of poor population? What would they do withg that wealth? play with worldly toys? When their people are dying of hunger and illness. And those who sell govt vaccines...what do they feel they are doing? And what makes them sexually abuse kids? is it fun? What do they think? " lets destroy a kid today to have some sex-like fun, maybe it would be worth it..." And how do some keep extra marital sexual relations... How people go that far...when they do something so shameless and the sky doesnt fall on them , nor the earth shakes....does it make them feel its an appropriate area to be in? How does it feel after murdering an innocent weak lady? Can anyone tell the taste of that experience? MAybe its just not possible to understand them.....because they are just walking shits...not humans...filthiest creatures
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